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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


JAS 004        Orch Super Sonics               Linda Wazazi/Tupendane Florie

JAS 005        Africanova                           Kanyange/Uprona

JAS 102        Orch Nyanza Six                  James Mbare/Olisa

JAS 103        Arjwang's Onyango and V.    Cham Lucai Juma/Mary Achieng


An Audio Productions label by the same firm that was behind the APL, Boxer, Editions Suplov, Hit Parade, Mlima, Sound of Music, Audio Productions and other labels.

Orch Super Sonics don’t feature elsewhere on this discography, though the credit to Vicky Omondi suggests this was a Luo band singing here in Swahili, as Omondi is a fairly common Luo name. It is possible the name is a pseudonym for Omondi Jassor, a member of Orch Simba National who also recorded under his own name for Matata.

JAS 004 aside, all the rest of the records listed here have come from an Audio Productions catalogue unearthed by Flemming Harrev in the London archives of Stern’s in October 2013. JAS 005 is in Kirundi, the official language of Birundi, while the other two singles are in Dholuo.