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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


MOB 003      Naitiri Jazz Band                            Dina Kakosa/ Kumwoyo Kureanga

MOB 009      Myanga Jazz Band                         Ekhabi Ye Mundu/Dorica

MOB 11        Naitiri Jazz                                   Namuma/My Darly

Label dedicated to music in Bukusu, the language of the Bukusu people of western Kenya, a constituent tribe of the Luhya.

There’s a small scattering of singles in the language on other labels including Editions Baluhya, Bungoma, Chikholo Chie Babukusu, Mount Elgon and Chanjalikha Phonetic Studios. None of the groups, including Myanga Jazz Band, appear to have enjoyed more than a brief stint in the spotlight.

The label was run by Matunda Music Store in Nairobi, the same company that produced records on the Muthetheni Special, Superphonics and Ngatata labels.

Thanks to Ray Templeton for providing details of MOB 003 and the label scan in July 2011.