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Catalogue       Group                                               A side/B side                                                                Year


CHIE 001     Kimilili Nasusi Band                  Jefunea Sichangi Wambilanga/Kumusambwa

CHIE 004     Mayanja Bungoma Jazz Band    Mayi Omuro Sali Mayi/Ese Omulebe Wenywe

CHIE 008     Kimilili Nasusi Band Bulimi        Raasi Lukembe Elala/Ekombe Mbayo

CHIE 001 and CHIE 004 are from Doug Paterson’s collection that are by Bukusu groups who don’t feature elsewhere in this discography. The label appears to be a subsidiary of Diploma. Thanks to Doug for the label scan.

Fabian Altahona in Colombia alerted me to the existence of CHIE 008 in April 2016.