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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Language


CPS 7-20      Nichola Khisa Sikuche          A: Chinganakani Mumoyo Chikila Weyira    Luhya

                   & Masinde Chemusari           B: Lfwa Lino Lyamenya

                   & Party

CPS 034       Myianga/Mateka Bands        Khatete Victor/Enjala                                Bukusu

CPS 40         Sifuna Fwoti Band               Tecla/Nanu Owabona Ako                          Bukusu

CPS 41        Inner African Voices             Basinyabusinya/Kumotambo                      Bukusu

Frankly, apart from the fact it is in Bukusu, I can’t tell you anything about the bands collaborating on CPS 034, the label or its producer, the mysterious MX Wamalwa. It’s a fabulous label name, though, and presumably there are other records on it to discover.

Three more of these turned up in autumn 2014, courtesy of Fredrik Lavik in Finland. All of the records are produced by MX Wamalwa out of Bungoma.