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Catalogue                   Group                                                         A side/B side                                                       Year


MER 7 - 007          Gatanga Boys                                   Penina/Ritho Ritiraga                              1977

MER 16                 Karura Brothers                                Nduta Ndume/Mucemanio Wa Ah, Ki

MER 20                 Nyahururu Boys Band                       Ndi Waku/Rachel

MER 30                 John Ndichu & his Group                   Ndumiriri Cia Lucy/Thina Wa Ndichu

MER 32                 John Ndichu & his Group                   Mama Chiru/Tigwo Waithera

MER 35                 John Ndichu                                     Uthoni wa Nidangwa/Mwaria Ciene

MER 37                 John Ndichu & Group                        Watua Kuhonoka/Mary Waithera


Thanks to CC Smith of The Beat magazine for the label scan and details of MER 30, while MER 35 is a single from John Beadle’s tape collection.

Kikuyu musician John Ndichu also wrote a song for - and quite possibly led - the Rwengo Brothers, who recorded on the Thika-based Cucu Wagakunga label.

The Karura Brothers single, which turned up for sale in London in January 2009, is by a Kikuyu band who also recorded for Karura Brothers Sounds and Kirinyaga.

Mer 7-007 was put for sale on Ebay in March 2009. It offers a probable starting date for the label, though I have no information on the band.

In November 2010 Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris kindly supplied details of MER 20 by a band who also recorded for Sawa Sawa Sound and Wahome Super Sounds.