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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


KHS 09        Karura Brothers                   Tuelewane Dada/Talaka

KHS 011      Orch Karura Brothers            Irene/Warakara Niki??

KHS 16        Karura Brothers                   Thutha Wa Wira/Kimungunyo

KHS 17        Karura Brothers                   Moi Twakupenda/Dua Zetu Kwa Moi

KHS 19        Orch Karura Brothers            Tiga Umuhura/Tene Ni Tene

KHS 020      Orch Karura Brothers            Mwendwa/Ngoi (Ya Wendo)

KHS 21        Karura Brothers                   Ndungithekia Tuhu/Ruta Ni Uguita

KHS 28        Orch Karura Brothers           Usinitese Pts 1 & 2


Label dedicated to the Kikuyu band, led by James Mbugua, who also have at least one other single on Kihumbu Harmonic Sound.

Many thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Records in Paris for supplying the scan of the label, which is very similar in design and colour to the Kihumbu Harmonic Sound label, suggesting they are part of the same enterprise.

KHS 17 is a record the band might now want to distance themselves from being a praise song to former president Daniel Arap Moi.