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Here’s a couple of videos from YouTube that I hope readers will enjoy. I intend to add more later.


Msonda Ngoma are stalwarts of Tanzania’s musiki wa dansi scene. Formed as far back as 1964, the group have been through numerous incarnations as Nuta Jazz, Juwata Jazz and Ottu Jazz. This clip features the late TX William Moshi on lead vocals, Ngurumu displaying some serious dance moves and George Bushnyari and Smart Boy on guitars.

The CD, Best of Msondo Ngoma, on Ujaama is also well worth investigation.

I haven’t been able to identify who is actually performing in this video, but the recording itself is of Orch Les Wanyika’s classic Sina Makosa. First released on Polydor in 1979, it is one of Africa’s best-loved songs. Les Wanyika formed when rhythm guitarist Prof Omari Shabani and bassist Tom Malanga split from George and Wilson Kinyonga’s Orch Simba Wanyika. Joined by fellow Tanzanians, lead guitarist John Ngereza and vocalist Issa Juma, they recorded Sina Makosa, a song whose success pretty much eclipsed the reputation of the Kinyonga brothers.

The song is available on the Earthworks CD, Kenya Dance Mania.

A single by Samba Mapangala and Orch Les Kinois recently (March 2009) turned up on the Samba Mapangala label so I figured that was as good an excuse as any to add one of his and Orch Virunga’s latest videos. Enjoy.