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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


EOM 5001    Orch Maquis du Zaire            Tokoni Kowela Mbongo Pts 1 & 2               1982

EOM 5003    Orch Maquis du Zaire            Mukiwa Cherie Na Ngai Pts 1 & 2

EOM 5004    Orch Maquis du Zaire            Serieux Ya Mukoko Pts 1 & 2


Popular Congolese band operating in East Africa, who also recorded for  Ken-Tanza, Sindimba, Stereo. Thanks to Doug Paterson and Peter Toll for details of these singles. Doug provided the label scan and I’ve taken the liberty of including a blowup of the crest on it.

The band, originally from Lubumbashi, came to Tanzania on tour in the 1970s and decided to stay on in Dar Es Salaam. Enterprisingly, they set themselves up as a cooperative, OMACO, that owned the White House Club in Ubungu and bought a farm outside the city that sold its produce in the Kariakoo market.