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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                          Year


TRS 001               Nuta Jazz Band                        Selemani/Aziza                                           1977

TRS 002               JKT Kimbunga                          Chakula Cha Shida/Ushirikina                      1977

TRS 003               The Black Devils Band              Jibu/Dada Biki                                            1977

TRS 004               Lombe Lombe                          Mapenzi Sumu/Maria Melena                       1977

TRS 023               Maquis du Zaire                       Kasongo Pts 1 & 2                                      1977

TRS 024               Kurugenzi Jazz                         Wivu/Wazazi Nielezeni

Tanzanian label of the 1970s. All three Swahili singles can be listened to at www.mwanasimba.online.fr

Nuta Jazz and Maquis du Zaire are relatively well known, the former contributing five tracks to the Zanzibara 3: The 1960s Sound of Tanzania CD (Buda Musique, 2007).

Black Devils Band, though, are a mystery proposition.

In July 2011, TRS 002 by JKT Kimbunga and TRS 004 by Orch Lombe Lombe were sold on Ebay as part of a job lot that unfortunately did not include details of the song titles. If anyone can provide this information, please drop me an email.