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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


PIYO 02            Victoria C Band                                      J Oriedo Ogutu/Rose Watia Kinda

PIYO 5             Orch Nyanza Five                                   Pamela Auma/I.S. Sidero

A NAM Productions of Kisumu label. Victoria C Kings recorded for numerous other labels. Consult the Bands Index for an up-to-date list. The only recording in this discography by Orch Nyanza Five is this one, though it is possible they are an offshoot of Nyanza Stars.

One day I hope someone will write the definitive account of the different incarnations of the Victoria bands and how they relate to each other.

PIYO 02 turned up at London’s Sounds of the Universe record store in January 2009, with details of PIYO 5 coming from Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011.