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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


ABU 01        Sega Sega Band                   Ngomongo Pts 1 & 2

                  (Les 4 Etoiles Nyanza)

ABU 02        International de Nelly            Juliana/Piny Owalo

                   (Les 4 Etoiles Nyanza)

ABU 03        Kawere B Kings                     Persila/Juma Ochol

ABU 04        Victoria C Kings                     Ouma Masilus/Insp. Dan Ogada

                  & Les Quatre Nyanza Etoiles

ABU 05        Victoria C Kings                    Conslet c/o Wasonga/Koth Chwe Gi Oro

                  & Les Quatre Nyanza Etoiles


Another imprint of AIT, this time for top Luo benga bands. The presence of Les Quatre Etoiles Nyanza on four of the singles is intriguing. The name is obviously inspired by the Quatre Etoiles of Congolese music, Nyboma, Bopol, Syran and Wuta Mayi, which suggests a mid-1980s date for these releases.

The label scan is courtesy of Doug Paterson.