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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


RS 7-011     Banana Hill Band                      Marigiti/Tiga Kuherithia

RS 016        Francis Rugwiti                         Karia Mburu/Maitu Ni Mutongu

                  and Banana Hill Band

RS 018        Mondoko Banana Hill Band        Situka/Mihango Ya Mbeca

RS 024        Banana Hill Band                      Weru Wa Rukenya/Nougakua


RS 018 is a Kikuyu record that turned up in London’s Revival Records store in March 2009; RS 016 surfaced on Ebay in November 2009 and Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris supplied details of RS 7-011 in April 2011. A few days later in the smae month RS 024 popped up on Ebay from another seller.

I guess it was inevitable that Francis Rugwiti’s Banana Hill Band would have their own label given how prolifically they recorded elsewhere, cutting sides for Kirinyaga, Sawa Sawa Sound, SokotaNjogu, Sibuor, Sululu and Wahome Super Sounds and no doubt a few others.