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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


000 series

SUL 7-002          Banana Hills Band                       Sinyorita/Bururi Uyu Witu

AS 4357-8

SUL 7-004          Orch Sola Madoido                      Sor I Muno Rosa/Ithe Wa Babie

SUL 7-006          Rift Valley Boys                           Keki Ya Uhiki/Mawatho Ikumi Ma Wendo

1000 series

SUL 1003            Banana Hill Band                        Mwalimu Pts 1 & 2

3000 series

SUL 3003            Ndumba Afrika                           Majirani Wa Baya/Tabia Nzuri

SUL 3004            Bana High Life Band                   Fily Mama/Luora Nyathina                                1972

SUL 3020            Bernard Avuya                           Salome/Ulililanga Shina?

AS 1765-66

SUL 3045            Othaya Boys Band                      Coma Back Gacambi/Mpenzi Eliza

SUL 3077            Sagana Boys                              Thauti Ya Mary/Tiri Uyu Ni Witu                        1974

SUL 3082            Mavuria Kiyo Boys Band              A: My Ex-Darling Ester No 1                              1974

AS 3026-7                                                           B: Twari Macanga Na Anes


Initially a Phonogram and later a Polygram distributed label.

Francis Rugwiti’s Banana Hill Band also recorded for Njogu, Sibuor, Sokota in the 1970s. The group usually sang in Kikuyu but sing in Swahili on SUL 1003.

SUL 3020 is a Luhya single in the British Library’s National Sound Archive. Avuya was the writer of a song by Orch Mamula on Bonanza.

Thanks to Peter Toll for details of SUL 1003 and the scan. The other Banana Hill Band single, SUL 7-002, was spotted on Youtube in April 2012.

Doug Paterson contributed details of the single by Bana High Life band, who I suspect are the Banana Hill Band operating under a pseudonym for reasons unknown. Their record dates the label, though, to the early 1970s.

SUL 3077 surfaced on Ebay in March 2009 and features an otherwise unknown Kikuyu band.

Details of SUL 7-004 and SUL 7-006 were supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris in April 2011. They suggest a third strand of catalogue prefixes, though it is possible records in the 000 and 1000 series were released after ones in the 3000 series.