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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


PLT 509        Golden Ugenya Band                Robert Asingo/Mary Adhiambo                           1974

PLT 510        Orch Benga National                Seth On'gara Oluoch/Ramadhan Owino               1974

PLT 514        Golden Ugenya  Band               Mpenzi Margy/Wana Shule Na Lodging                1974

PLT 515        Golden Ugenya  Band               Osala Ose Oonge/Sabina Anyango                      1974

PLT 524        Gwasi Jazz Band                      Penina Akeyo/Sammy Onyango Ngere                 1975

PLT 532        Golden Ugenya Band                M Nyar - Alego/Charles Omondi                          1975

PLT 535        Golden Kings Band                   Hera Thaga/Omiya Jossy                                    1976

PLT 7-539     Golden Kings Band 76              Greetings To Sierra Leone People Pts 1 & 2   

Pluto Sounds International

PSI 785        Mzalendo Success Band            Harusi Jumamosi Pts ! & 2

PSI 90         Lea Lignanzi                            Dede Priscilla Pts 1 & 2

PSI 91         Pablo Lubadika Porthos             Madeleina/Bolingo Mobesu

PSI 95         Mally Watson & Tom Vumba      Beat Hard Young Man/Feel The Rythm

PSA 01        The Super Tens                        Indod' Iyakhuluma/Ukhulumelan

Luo musician Peter Rachino Owino led the Golden Ugenya and Golden Kings bands, who played both benga and rumba, as on PLT 514, the only recording in Swahili here.

The band also recorded for the Rachar and Sokota labels.

The label’s international subsidiary put our Pablo Lubadika Porthos’ Madeleina and Lea Lignanzi’s Dede Priscilla, tracks that were anthologised in Europe on the LP Sound d’Afrique II (Island, 1982).

PSA 01 is by a South African band and is sung in Zulu. PSI 95 is also South African and features Mally Watson, the engineer and producer behind Brenda and the Big Dudes.