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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


RAC 2          Golden Ugenya Band                Rapar Okelo Rembo/Gorety                                1975

RAC 4          Golden Ugenya Band                Ramunde City/Otieno Sully                                 1975

RAC 7          Golden Ugenya Band                A: Safari To Sierra Leone No. 2                           1975

                                                                 B: Bangi Mvutao Ni Tabu

RAC 8          Ugenya Sound Band                John Onyango/Ogono Maka Musa                         1976


Label of Peter Owino Rachar, leader of the Golden Ugenya Band. The Luo group, who played both benga and rumba, also recorded extensively for Pluto and had releases on Apollo and Sokota.