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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


OYR 1          Orch Manga Kings                                Maggy/Susana                                        1977

OYR 2          Orch Manga Kings                               Molly/Orchestra Manga Kings                    1977

OYR 3          Orch Manga Kings                               Jeflin Adhiambo/Eunice M. Akoth

OYR 4          Orch Manga Kings                                Where Is Maggy Pts 1 & 2

OYR 5          Segenya River Jazz                               Julius Omolo/Stephen Yogo

OYR 6          Segenya River Jazz                               Miss Jenipha Achieng/Ber Ojiemoni            1977

OYR 7          Orch Manga Kings                                Mary Akinyi/Fanuel Opondo                       1977

OYR 8          Orch Manga Kings                                Maggy Usinitese/Charles Rain                    1977

OYR 9          Orch Manga Kings                                Florence Ayieko/Maggy Adhiambo

OYR 10        Orch Manga Kings                                Sofia Kalili Pts 1 & 2

OYR 11        Orch Manga Kings                                Raha Tele/Luora Luora                            1977

OYR 12        Beat Orutu                                          Bur Maromo Gi Pipa/Silfano Ochieng        1977

OYR 13        Orch Ruka Ruka                                   Mr. Adhiambo/Piny Orumu

OYR 14        Orch Manga Kings                                Elmad Achar/Moly No. 3

OYR 15        Orch Manga Kings                                Onyango Micky/Ywak Misumba

OYR 16        Central K Dumbe Dumbe                      Dr. Rakwach/Chakruok Thum Weta

OYR 17        Kochieng Hippo Jazz                            J.S. Odiero/Akinyi Viva

OYR 18        Orch Nyancha Mirieri Boys                    Ogwari Sally/Dominicus Liware

OYR 19        Nyancha Brieri Boys Orchestra              Nyangoye Julius/Washington Orien

OYR 20        Kamwala Lakeside Jazz                        Seline Atieno/Piny Orumo

OYR 21        Golden Kings                                       Tabu Ya Awendo/Honey Love-Ing'Yo

OYR 22        Golden Kings                                       Alice Anyango/Luke R. Obok

OYS export series

OYS 949      Super Mazembe                                   Okova Pts 1 & 2

Veteran musician Daudi Kabaka produced OYR 12 for this AIT-distributed label. The single, which surfaced on Ebay in March 2009, features the orutu, a traditional one-stringed fiddle.

There’s another single featuring the instrument by the Malombo Orutu Choir on the Tat Yien label.

OYR 7 and OYR 8 turned up on Ebay in March 2011, though without a producer’s credit to Daudi Kabaka, and the rest of the singles come from the AIT master catalogue, revealing a roster of Luo bands that is very similar to the Kido label.

The unbroken run of catalogue numbers suggests this listing may now be complete.

OYS 949 turned up on Ebay in January 2012 from a South African seller. Featuring a song originally released on Editions Mazembe, it shows that the label was also used by AIT/Teal for the export market.