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Catalogue       Group                                                                        A side/B side                                              Year


KD 1            Orch Manga Kings                                      The Brown Beauty Pts 1 & 2

KD 2            Orch Manga Kings                                      Jephline Pts 1 & 2

KD 3            Orch Manga Kings                                       Dorry Mtoto - 1/Wach Agulu No.2        1977

KD 4            Orch Manga Kings                                       Daniel Ojijo/Leonida Aludo                  1977

KD 5            Orch Manga Kings                                       Achieng Makambo/Atieno Ifuo

KD 6            Orch Manga Kings                                       Haleluya/Mae Rada

KD 7            Orch Manga Kings                                       Kisumu/Matunda                               1977

KD 8            Nyancha Brieri Boys Orch                            Nyingwuon Gi Wuoyi/Sgt. Otieno Okendo

KD 9            Orch Nyancha ‘Rieri Boys                            Ochieng Patroba/Zenina

A couple of singles, KD 3 and KD 4, turned up on Ebay in March 2011 and their appearance unlocked another part of the AIT master catalogue, which doesn’t list labels just catalogue numbers. As noted before, the AIT catalogue is not a perfect document. It lists two records as being KD1 and has the same Nyancha Mirieri/Nyancha Brieri misspelling as is found in the Awendo Rakido listing.

Update: in August 2011 I found that the University of Mainz’s African Music Archive holds a copy of Orch Manga Kings’ Jephline Pts 1 & 2 and lists it as KD 2, so I have amended this listing accordingly.

Both Manga Kings and Nyancha Mirieri Boys are Luo benga bands. I don’t know much about either, but the Electric Jive blog posted an LP of Orch Manga Kings songs, which you can download here.