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Catalogue       Group                                                         A side/B side                                                                   Year


KWETU 4     Kamaru Super Stars                        Binadam/Sitasahau Kisumo

KWETU 5    Orch Sikinoe                                    Nelson Mandera Pts 1 & 2


KWETU 4 turned up on Ebay in April 2011. Five years later Fabia Altahona in Colombia alerted me to the existence of KWETU 5. How the label managed to misspell Nelson Mandela’s name is pretty much incomprehensible.

Both are produced by City Sounds, the main operation for Kikuyu band leader Joseph Kamaru, yet also list a separate company Makwetu Productions that is c/o the same Nairobi PO box as City Sounds. Why Kamaru felt the need to run offshoots such as this and Grinding Stone is not apparent.