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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


LOG 2          Les Victoria                               Charles Opondo/?

LOG 3          Les Victoria                               Jackton Oyoko/Benta Achieng

LOG 8          Mwanda Kings Band                  Achieng Mony/Monica Atieno

LOG 2 is from Doug Paterson’s collection and LOG 3 turned up for sale in London in March 2009, both are on a Wamenyo Recording Company label. The firm concentrated on Luo benga bands, also releasing records under its own name and on the Bwana Otieko Weche and Piny To Angoni? labels.

In Match 2011 I chanced upon LOG 8 on Carlos Montes Alcala’s Akabola Music blog. He had posted a small selection of benga singles yet to figure in this discography. This is one of them - and you can visit Akabola Music to download it and several others.

Les Victoria also recorded for Lake Victoria and are presumably an offshoot of Victoria Kings. One day, I hope, someone will draw a family tree of how all the Victoria groups fit together.

Mwanda Kings are the same as Mwandwa Kings, who also recorded for the Obwogo Jowaya label.

The label name, Log Dichiel, means “wash your hands once” and refers to how, when times are hard, the Luo habit is to eat just once a day.