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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                                                     Year


ARA 1           Orch Mori Ongo Chuoi        William Omolo/Benedict Mc Ong'enge

ARA 2           Orch Mori Ongo Chuoi        Charles Chiro/S Nyadhi Anyango

ARA 3           Orch Mori Ongo Chuoi        John Kagose/Misumba Jayiem                                          1976

ARA 4           Migori Super Stars             Omanje Onyango/Jenfa Ateindo

ARA 5           Migori Super Stars             Dismas Aliwa/Serfina Atieno

ARA 6           Migori Super Stars             Daniel Ogola/Rose Akeyo                                                 1976

ARA 7           Gem Lucky Jazz                 Jocinta B. Anyango/Millicent E. Adoyo

ARA 8           Gem Lucky Jazz                 Achieng Danger/Achieng Jane

ARA 9           Gem Lucky Jazz                 Sara King Nyiri/Jack Arombo

ARA 10         Kawere Boys                     Lawrence Oguta No.2/Aurther Omune No.2

ARA 11         Kawere Boys                     Musa Janam No.4/Odak Rich No.3

ARA 12         Kawere Boys Ban              Joseph Awiti/Anyango Anah                                              1977

ARA 13         Kawere Boys                     Ofuwani/Mbori James                                                       1977

ARA 14         Orch Manga Kings             Paro Charles Onyango/Beatrice Chun

ARA 15         Orch Manga Kings             Molly Pts 1 & 2

ARA 16         Orch Manga Kings             Pesa Otamo Wangji/Paro Lucy

ARA 17         Orch Malare Boys               George Wekelea/Joseph Otieno                                         1977

ARA 18         Orch Manga Kings              Onyango Ayoki/Philista Akoth                                           1977

ARA 19         Orch Malare Boys               Odhiambo Danger/Jane Auma                                          1977

ARA 20         Orch Manga Kings             John Ngeso/Agnes Apiyo                                                   1977

ARA 21         Orch Nyancha Mirieri Boys  Johnson Miganda/John Magadi                                          1977

ARA 22         Nyancha Brieri Boys Orch   Omach John/Juliana Atieno

ARA 23         Kamwala Lakeside Jazz      E. Achieng Lando/Jane Anayango

ARA 24         Kamwala Lakeside Jazz      Edward Onyango/Michael Miyawa                                     1977

ARB prefixes

ARB 10         Orch Gem Lucky Band        Alice Akinyi/Carene Adhiambo                                          1978

ARB 16         Cheplin Kotula                   Persila Adhiambo/Rose Atieno                                         

                    Na Kawere Jazz

ARB 25         DO7 Shirati Jazz                Njoo Tuoane/Mika Akello                                                 1979

ARB 45         Kawere B Kings Band         Rodah Kato/Atieno Kilera                                                1980

AIT label featuring Dholuo productions by both Okoth Kodondi and CA Kochomo. Most of the listings for the ARA prefixes were added in February 2011 and are taken from AIT’s own database of recordings.

The vast majority of the records are by bands such as Migori Super Stars, Kawere Boys and Gem Lucky Jazz who recorded prolifically for other labels. But Orch Malare Boys and Nyancha Mirieri Boys (please note: AIT’s database has two different spellings for this band, so I have retained this anomaly for now) only appear to have recorded for this label.

AIT’s database do not list any titles with an ARB prefix, which suggests these records may have been made or distributed in other parts of Africa.