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Catalogue       Group                                               A side/B side                                                                        Year


JD 7            Orch Kawere Boys Band            Anjeline/Aclause Owino

CAK 1         Les Volcano                              Kakataliwa Ni Kubaya Pys 1 & 2                             1980

CAK 3         Orch Kombe-Kombe                  Santana Pts 1 & 2

CAK 4         Orch Ka Nyameda Kings            Ng'ama Ochich Een Pts 1 & 2                                 1980


An AC Kochomo label that probably dates from the mid 1970s. Thanks to Sofianne of Groovy Record in Paris for supplying details and a scan of JD 7 in April 2011.

At least one single on the Kung Fu label carries a JUDO catalogue number and was also produced by A.C. Kochomo, suggesting they were sister labels. It is also possible that AIT and Teal used both labels for selling Kenyan recordings in other countries.

Kawere Boys Band recorded for a wide variety of labels. Check the Bands Index for a full list and click on the band’s name for a brief career overview.

CAK 4, by a mystery Luo band, turned up on the CDandLP.com website in October 2013. Why the label used two different prefixes, JD and CAK, s is a mystery too.