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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


Three digit series

KFB 306       Gem Lucky Band                        Oganyo P Okech/Dr Omuyuku                  1976

KFB 311       Orch Kauma Boys                       Margret Aoko/Partrick Abade                   1976

KFB 325       Winam Jazz                               Mwalimu Kaisa/Benta Toto                       1976

KFB 328       Tarino Boys Band                       Mary Akongo/Thomas Orondo C L Y          1976

KFB 372       Orch Kauma Boys                       Christine  Adhiambo/Odira Jahera             1978

KFB 386       Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                 Asenath Atieno/Atieno Par Buore              1977

KFB 401       Central K Jazz Band                   Loo Ikowa Pts 1 & 2                                 1979

Four digit series

KFB 4001     Taifa Jazz Band                          Patricia Odero/Hassan Okuamu

KFB 4003     Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                 Shirati Pek/?                                          1975

KFB 4077     Orch Webuye Young Stars           Margaret Khavukwe Pts 1 & 2

Other series

KUF 7-1        Winam Jazz Band                      Elija Sanya/Conceleta Ogonya                  1975

WW 102       Orch Lombe Lombe                    Wivu Hasara Pts 1 & 2                             1977

JUDO 7-1     Orch Sega-Sega                         Atieno Queen/Rose Aoko

OYS 906      Orch CK Dumbe-Dumbe              Kalsina Akinya/Okech Kongo

OYS 908      Orch CK Dumbe Dumbe              Akeyo Fancy/Pok Ruoth

OYS 933      International de Nelly                 Rose Pambo/Wach Duto Munyalo              1978

Peter Owiso’s Orchestra Sega-Sega, a Luo band that were originally the Kiwiro Boys, also cut records for Kuja Mol, Piny Omer, Raha Tele and Wageso among others. See Bands Index for a complete list.

The Orch Lombe Lombe single is from Ebay and carries a catalogue number that suggests it should be on the Wasi wasi label.

The Gem Lucky and Tarino Boys Band singles are both in Dholuo and details of them came from Fabian Altahona of the Africolombia blog.

KFB 311, complete with the eccentric spelling of its song titles, was spotted on Youtube in April 2012.