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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Year


NY 001       T.P.S. Jazz                                      Arum Michael Pt. 1                               

NY 7-002    T.P.S. Jazz Band                             Rading Omolo Pts 1 & 2                             1977

NY 003       T.P.S. Jazz                                      P.O. Kanindo Pts 1 & 2

NY 004       T.P.S. Jazz                                      Walumbe  Pts 1 & 2

NY 006       Orch T.P.S. Jazz                              Mathews Ogutu  Pts 1 & 2

NY 007       Orch T.P.S. Jazz                              Rosa Atieno No.2  Pts 1 & 2

A single that turned up on Ebay in April 2011, featuring an Oluoch Kanindo production of a Luo benga band that also recorded for the Kwesi and Melodica labels under the name the People Success.

Information about the other releases on this label have come from AIT’s master catalogue, indicating that this listing may be complete.