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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


KSI 6           Kiwiro Jazz Band                       Ogada Ongongo/E-Arum

KSI 8           The People Success                   Conny Nyar Loyo/Awino Nyar Mzee

KSI 12         Ranen Revolution                      William Onyango/Francis Otieno

Label dedicated to Luo bands. The People Success were an early to mid 1970s band fronted by Juma Odondo, who also recorded for Melodica, while Ranen Revolution are presumably connected to the Ranen Jazz Band who recorded for Sango Jok. iwiro Jazz Band also released records on the Mzee Kobe and Ratego labels.

Thanks to Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris for the label scan, which is a vast improvement on the one I originally had.