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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side


BU 11          BP Sunday Jazz National      Baloma/Ng'ona Endo

BU 38          Orch Super Kwangwa          Enguli/Sera Mayi

                  & Stephine Khemba

BU 39          Malakisi Jazz Band             Mbengubo Nesili Khufwa Pts 1 & 2


BU38 and BU 39 are records that Sofianne of Groovy Record in Paris alerted me to in April 2011, while I found I had written down details of BU 11 in a notebook a while ago and promptly mislaid the notebook until today, though I can’t remember the source for the information.

The Bukusu are the largest tribe within the Luhya and this label appears to be dedicated to music from around Bungoma in Western Province. I know nothing about Orch Super Kwangwa, but assume BP Sunday Jazz National are the same as the Sunday Jazz Band who recorded for Bungoma.

Malakisi Jazz Band were led by Wasike Wa Musungu, who was born in Malakisi, near Bungoma, in the 1930s and died in 2000. Although never gaining national or international recognition, within the Luhya he was known for his often outspoken social commentaries in songs that tackled political and social themes.