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Early to mid 1970s AIT label, primarily for Luo benga bands,

though SGA 7-036 is a Lingala rumba track. It seems to be yet another outlet for productions by PO Kanindo, the man behind the POK label and others.

Most of the listings come from AIT’s master catalogue and were added in March 2011. While a valuable source of information, the catalogue is not definitive. In some cases, two titles appear with the same catalogue number (instances here are highlighted in bold) and there is the suspicion that some of the b-sides listed are in fact the name of the a-side’s producer or songwriter. Until all listings can be verified independently, some degree of caution is advised.

Orch Bella Succee may be linked to the Congolese outfit Orch Bella Bella, a mispelling or a cheeky attempt at profiting from the well-known band’s name.

SGA 7-042 and SGA 7-247 are Mozambique pressings, but presumably carry the same catalogue numbers as Kenyan ones.

Not sure why the catalogue prefix changed for the DO7 Shirati Jazz single, SAB 004, which turned up on Ebay in October 2008.

Sungura records also turned up in a batch on offer from a South African seller on Ebay in April 2010. I didn’t get a chance to note the label numbers before the records disappeared but it suggests that the label was used by AIT/Teal for export sales, which may explain anomalous prefixes such as SGB and SAB.

Details of the Shjrati Luo Voice SGA Mjanja 2 single were supplied by Flemming Harrev in February 2010. “Sungura” means “rabbit”, while “mjanja” can be translated as smart, clever or crafty, attributes attached to rabbits in many African folk tales.


Catalogue                 Group                                                                        A side/B side                                         Year


SGA series

SGA 7-001           DO Misiani with Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band   Dr Okech/H Jakadimo

SGA 7-036           Orch Bella Succee                                        Mobutu Apiki Ndalapo/Bolingo Ya Mbongo

SGA 7-042           Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band                          A: Washington Jagem

                                                                                            B: Obiero and Susan Pamba Oluoro Chilo

SGA 060              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                  Meouuga Jachula/Elisha Otieno

SGA 071              Victoria Jazz Band                                       Mathews Nyanoko/Peter Ombija

SGA 072              Victoria Jazz Band                                       Piny Luorore/Silvanus Okoth

SGA 091              Milambo Jazz                                              Japheth Opiyo/Dr. Solomon Odera

SGA 097              Central K Jazz                                             Odhiambo John/Wasonga Jandhiwa

SGA 098              Shem Kadipo                                              Oleny Japheth/Walter Obel

SGA 119              Milambo Jazz                                              Willy Aoko/Tom Lanyo

SGA 120              Victoria Jazz Band                                       Midigo Jane Rachar/P. Oluoch Kanindo

SGA 7-122           Orch Victoria Jazz Band '71                          Pamela Mboya/Mehemia Aduda        1972

SGA 7-123           Victoria Jazz Band                                       Juma Ojir/Fibi Adoyo                       1972

SGA 124              Mori River Jazz                                           Jackob & Pendo/Rusalina Soda

SGA 125              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                  Osimbo Ber Kuom Mssare/Polina Ber Nego

SGA 126              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                  Riat Dhi Nyime/J. Omolo Jaudhiwa

SGA 127              Central K Jazz                                             Alert Ojwando/John Nyaburougo

SGA 128              Milambo Jazz                                              John Ouko/Chief J. Ojwang

SGA 129              Milambo Jazz                                              Paro Omolo Odom/Daudi Liech

SGA 130              Shem Kadipo                                              Hezron Buyu/Walter Okombo

SGA 131              Mori River Jazz                                           Kapis Olweny/Hezekia Lango

SGA 132              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Nelson Odero/Omolo J. Jandhiwa

SGA 133              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                  Mark Ochienga/Margaret No.2

SGA 134              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Thomas Majiku/Mary Atieno

SGA 135              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 O. Kanindo/John Jakadhola

SGA 136              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Odipo Ja Sindo/Phil Nyadundo

SGA 138              Mori River Jazz                                           Kerina Akeyo/Ansetus Otieno

SGA 139              Victoria Jazz                                              Joseph Nyan'Gor/Massy Imbo

SGA 140              Milambo Jazz                                             O. Ngala/Odero Timmy

SGA 141             Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                              Nge Ruok Shirati/Elfas Nyitambe

SGA 141             Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                              P. Odero To Fundi/Ochuodho Ja Kiasa

SGA 142              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                             J. Adongo/F. Omamo Oduwe

SGA 142              Central K Jazz                                          A: Omolo Wuon Osimbo

                                                                                             B: Peter Dock Jamawego

SGA 143              Victoria Jazz                                            David Juor Anna/Zakaya Opiyo

SGA 143              Milambo Jazz                                           Dr. Onyango N./Elena Auma

SGA 144              Victoria Jazz                                              Peter Awino/Akinyi Joice

SGA 145              Victoria Jazz                                              Joash Onyango/Robert Otieno

SGA 146              Victoria Jazz                                              Tobias Owuor/Omanya Sammy

SGA 147              Mori River Jazz                                          Mathius Otieno/John Owuor

SGA 148              Milambo Jazz                                             Gor Mahia F.C./John Ooko

SGA 149              Mori River Jazz                                          Origi Miruka/Aflin Agola

SGA 152              Victoria Jazz                                              Piny Masami Otamo Wang/Dr. N. Mengo

SGA 153              Owange Oyundi                                         Akuku/Opondo

SGA 154              Milambo Jazz                                             John Achola/Dick Opiyo

SGA 155              Milambo Jazz                                             Mbese Wuonda/Obambo Wa Bayiele

SGA 7-156?        Milambo Jazz Band 72                                Chief Ma Gem/Jery To Fundi

SGA 171              Central K Jazz                                            Lala Salama/Z Olouch

SGA 160              Kendu Jazz                                                Kepha Ochieng/Andura Wuod Matenga

SGA 161              Central K Jazz                                            Florence Abich/Osewe Janyamos

SGA 162              Central K Jazz                                            Narkisu Oyamo/Hezron Okondo

SGA 163              Central K Jazz                                            Nyamama M.B.A./Boaz Olale

SGA 170              Central K Jazz                                            J. Odhiambo/Dr. Okech

SGA 172              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Silpa Okew Kamfwadhi/J. Odero Jowi

SGA 173              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 O.C. Rambaya/Ochieng Paty No.3

SGA 174              Mori River Jazz                                           Lewnora Ogalo/Dina Akinyi

SGA 7-175           Orch Victoria Jazz                                       Jane Okole/J Obala Tarime

SGA 176              Victoria Jazz                                              P. Ochich Yamo/E. Owino

SGA 177              Patrick Ongere                                           Robert Yugi/P. Airo

SGA 178              Kendu Jazz                                                Josiah Odek/Oluoch P. Kanindo

SGA 179              Kendu Jazz                                                Apingo Akongo/Tho Ochwere

SGA 180              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Amuka Salama 73/John Makori

SGA 181              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Paro T.J. Mboya/Awayo Iweyomagi Edhier

SGA 182              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Aida Njoo/Dr. Omondi B.H.

SGA 183              Mori River Jazz                                           V. Omolo Opere/Yawo Odero

SGA 7-184           Mori River Jazz Band                                   Harison Oyier/Rosalino Atieno

SGA 185              Kendu Jazz                                                Ogutu Kadwe/Rose Auma

SGA 186              Toyota Jazz                                               Osumba Jack/Adoyo Kabara

SGA 187              Victoria Jazz                                              Marina Mac Dan/Dani Para

SGA 191              Central K Jazz                                            Hezron Saggia/Mpenzi J.T. Anyango

SGA 192              Central K Jazz                                            Tho Wange Tek/Ngimana J.T.A. No. 3

SGA 193              Central K Jazz                                            Tobias Obado/Maende Bof

SGA 194              Central K Jazz                                            Patrick Ochieng/Boaz Olale

SGA 195              Milambo Jazz                                             Michael Obala/Tom Rambara

SGA 196              Milambo Jazz                                             Michael Okwayo/Joseph Bita

SGA 197              Milambo Jazz                                             Jotham Okech/Ruben Ogutu

SGA 200              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Rudi Salama/Osimbo Okel Dala

SGA 201              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Odero Jowi/Nenda Salama

SGA 202              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Orwa Abayo/Tuishi Salama

SGA 203              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 P. Anyango/Ogweno Ogot

SGA 204              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Joseph Owiti/Oluoch Kanindo

SGA 205              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Jim Nyakwara/G. Aroko

SGA 206              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                N. Gor/Oimo Ogot

SGA 207              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Jane Anyango/Raphael Jakirongwe

SGA 208              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Didacus Agiro/Benjamin Pete Owino

SGA 211              Victoria Kings Jazz                                    Tom Odira Rabala/Jerry Jasota Owewa

SGA 212              Victoria Kings Jazz                                    Dan Onyango Rateng/P. Owuonda

SGA 213              Victoria Kings Jazz                                    Ogutu Wuod Anyango/John Kanga

SGA 214              Mori River Jazz                                         Oluoch Kanindo/Eliud Owuor

SGA 215              Toyota Jazz                                              Phillip Owili/Laban Bonyo

SGA 216              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                T. Kyolang/Macharia Lord

SGA 217              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Oloo Jerry/Dalmas Ayuka

SGA 218              Victoria Jazz                                             Wanjara/Ongiro Mc Ogwange

SGA 219              U.K. Oremo Jazz                                       Okwach Dick/Dorsila Adede

SGA 220              Milambo Jazz                                            Barack Openda/Isacka Achual

SGA 222              Victoria Jazz                                             Elphas Nyakwaka/Dr. Martin Otolo

SGA 223              Mawego Jazz                                            Girphas Ojwang/Joseph Coro

SGA 224              Mori River Jazz                                         Peter Faruk/G. Aroko

SGA 225              Toyota Jazz                                              Clement Odongo/Paul Oloo

SGA 226              Victoria Jazz                                             Adero Ayumba/Sofia Achieng

SGA 227              Toyota Jazz                                              Joseph Simba/Elly Owino

SGA 228              Mori River Jazz                                          F. Nyangoi/Michael Owino

SGA 229              Victoria Jazz                                              Patrick Ochieng/Ely Obonyo

SGA 230              Toyota Jazz                                               Walter Obala/Jemima Akinyi

SGA 231              Mori River Jazz                                          Ochola Mc Odipo/J.B. Nyamuaya

SGA 232              Mori River Jazz                                          Harison Oyier/Serfina Atieno

SGA 233              Mori River Jazz                                          Adudo Saka/Rose Atieno

SGA 234              Kendu Jazz                                                Alex Ogola/Jose Agunga

SGA 236              Kendu Jazz                                                Margaret Atieno/Selemiah Okingo

SGA 237              Kendu Jazz                                                Nyanza Morlilo/Joel Orege

SGA 238              Owila Lakeside Voice Jazz                            Lucas Ooko Angazi/Nelson Oreng

SGA 239              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                  D.O. Misiani/Odeka Soda

SGA 240              Sare River Jazz                                          Nyakwaka Onyango/Peter Nyanganga

SGA 241              Kochieng Jazz                                            Oraga Morris/Ojwang Kongo

SGA 242              Central K Jazz                                            Malongo Sere/Sofia Anyango

SGA 243              Central K Jazz                                            Suleman Oigo/Mseti Ja Kirongwe

SGA 246              Central K Jazz                                            M.L. Otonda/D.H. Nyawara

SGA 7-247           Kendu Jazz Band                                       Anner Achien'g/Christopher Anundo

SGA 257              Kochieng Jazz                                            Alul George/M. Ouma

SGA 258              Okoth Raywaya                                          Atieno Benga/Nagai Nundu

SGA 268              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Charles Kibeche/Juma Oimo

SGA 269              Victoria Jazz                                              Elias Ojowi/Cyprian Jobando

SGA 270              Toyota Jazz                                               Phillip Owili Magak/Moses Okuta

SGA 272              Kendu Jazz                                                Oriro Japh/Mary Wangu

SGA 273              Victoria Jazz                                              Charles Kibeche/Stephen Ngari

SGA 276              Victoria Jazz                                              Kadhiambo/Mola Ochung

SGA 279              Oremo Jazz                                               Ongoro Wuonya Bodi/Peter Onyango

SGA 280              Kendu Revolution                                       Revolution No. 2/Zilpa Anyango

SGA 281              Dudi Gem Sky Jazz                                    Jotham Odongo/Alice Wasonga

SGA 500              Victoria Jazz                                              Samson Ojuki/Tobias

SGA 501              Victoria Jazz                                              Audi Ojaro/J.O. Hawi

SGA 502              Angoro Young Star Jazz                              Pesa Opolo Pinje/Dr. E. Oluoch

SGA 503              Toyota Jazz                                               Ogola/A. Nyamunga

SGA 504              Oremo Jazz                                               John Odera/Rejina Nyar Kager

SGA 505              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 S. Wamira Officer/Juma Charly

SGA 506              Nyota Jazz                                                Sipriano Got/George Ogada

SGA 507              Victoria Jazz                                              Odienya Kowiro/Ouma Ja Chula

SGA 508              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Onunga Mc Ounga/T.H. Isereko

SGA 509              Victoria Jazz                                             A. Ogero/G. Otieno

SGA 510              Gem Dudi Sky Jazz                                    Pamela H. Odongo/Chief Walter Otieno

SGA Mjanja series (abbreviated to SGA/M)

SGA/M 1              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Owino Magunga/David Kichia

SGA/M 2              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band                         Jacton Kasala/Mc Misiani                   1973

SGA/M 3              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                Damaris Akoth/George Ooko

SGA/M 4              Migori River Jazz                                        Ismael Nyange/Susana Akinyi Tomara

SGA/M 5              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                 Fredrick Owaka/Thuond Kiseru

SGA/M 6              Angoro Young Star Jazz                             Otieno Bim/Ouko Ochoro

SGA/M 7              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                                T. Kijana/Toby Jarabwo

SGA/M 8              Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               Domnicus Omolo/Tobias Ogwel

SGA/M 9              Sare River Jazz                                        Olela Mobimba/Abok Samo J.

SGA/M 10            Victoria Jazz                                             Charles Ogola/Helena Nyaduse

SGA/M 11            Victoria Jazz                                             Rose Akeyo No.2/Asura No.2

SGA/M 12            Victoria Jazz                                             S. Anyango/F. Muga Fundi

SGA/M 13            Victoria Jazz                                             Dr. Collela Mazzee/Mary I Love You

SGA/M 14            Victoria Jazz                                             Dr. Ogalo Rayier/Oyare

SGA/M 15            Victoria Jazz                                             A.B.C. Makasweta/E. Owuor

SGA/M 16            Victoria Jazz                                             K. Omina/James Osoo

SGA/M 17            Victoria Jazz                                             E. Opiyo/K. Nyando

SGA/M 19            International De Nelly                               Oulo Omin Agutu/Anyango Susi

SGA/M 20            International De Nelly                               Jaber Jaula/J. Achacha

SGA/M 21            Nyota Jazz                                               Agy The Brown/N.O. Mc Owiti

SGA/M 22            Nyota Jazz                                               Elisha Mc Ouko/Ochieng Toto

SGA/M 23            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               J. Rabuor/Sam Ogero

SGA/M 24            Victoria Jazz                                             Otina Kogwel/Samuel Obura

SGA/M 25            Victoria Jazz                                             Anyanga/Rose Adhiambo

SGA/M 26            Nyota Jazz                                               Otieno Owewa/H Disi

SGA/M 27            Salama Jazz                                             Ayo Samwel/P.O.K. No. 2

SGA/M 28            Nyota Jazz                                               Weche Piny/Ruth Saturday

SGA/M 29            Nyota Jazz                                               Ogango Wuod Gi Mary/Okello Nick Mambo

SGA/M 30            Nyota Jazz                                               Akongo Pod Tin/Bi Aneni Benter

SGA/M 31            Nyota Jazz                                               Remjus Ogillo/Julius J. Sagia

SGA/M 32            Salama Jazz                                             John Okello/Omolo Mc Ochuodho

SGA/M 33            Salama Jazz                                             P. Ayara/Wan Salama

SGA/M 34            International De Nelly                               Octaff Ombija/Winjuru

SGA/M 35            International De Nelly                               Salina Akongo/Rose Wa Nelly

SGA/M 36            International De Nelly                               Jackombewa/John Owiti

SGA/M 37            International De Nelly                               Mary Akech/Paul Opiyo

SGA/M 38            Migori River Jazz                                      J. Atieno/A. Ogaja

SGA/M 39            Migori River Jazz                                      Awino Dorry/John Ahono

SGA/M 43            International De Nelly                               Joshwa Omolo/Milly Adhiambo

SGA/M 44            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               Jane Okode/Dalmas Ayusi

SGA/M 45            Continental Rahuma Jazz                          Opiyo Oula/Odhiambo Amolo

SGA/M 46            Sare River Jazz                                        J. Odhiambo Ote/Onyango Tuta

SGA/M 47            Dudi Gem Sky Jazz                                   Tobias Odera/J. Majimbo Olwero

SGA/M 48            Victoria Jazz                                             Nelson Adhhiambo/Yunis P. Akinyi

SGA/M 49            Kilimo Jazz                                               Ochola Kisare/Enos Otulo

SGA/M 50            Victoria Jazz                                             P. Orwa Sihingwa/Julius Nyaoro

SGA/M 51            Victoria Jazz                                             Yunea Atieno/Jack Olweya

SGA/M 52            Mori River Jazz                                         Lucia Aoko/Charles Asura

SGA/M 53            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               Nyapala Jagot/Otieno Omoyo

SGA/M 54            Migori River Jazz                                      Kiboto Ochieng/Tobias Ogwel

SGA/M 56            Migori River Jazz                                      Margaret Akongo/Raphael Okech

SGA/M 57            Milambo Jazz                                           Jogocho Milambo/Joseph Owaka

SGA/M 58            Migori River Jazz                                      Anji Achieng/Charles Ambuigo

SGA/M 59            Dudi Gem Sky Jazz                                  Rapar J. Onyango/Arselmus Okoth

SGA/M 60            Milambo Jazz                                           Piny Olengore/Dr. Martin Nyongo

SGA/M 61            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                              Awuor Albert/Peter Ja Grango

SGA/M 62            Victoria Jazz                                            John Okeyo/D.H. Agola

SGA/M 64            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                              Sunga Korinda/Peter Akida

SGA/M 65            Mawego Jazz                                           A. Mucha/Nyaoke Abuoga

SGA/M 66            Salama Jazz                                            Peter Bwana/Peter Opiyo

SGA/M 67            Eastern Gem Jazz                                    Joseph Odiyo/Mary Awino

SGA/M 68            Sare River Jazz                                       Odick Jenya/Ochieng Nera

SGA/M 69            Victoria Jazz                                           Elmad Odida/Elly Abwao

SGA/M 70            Victoria Jazz                                            Judy Opiyo No. 3/Ogenga Pamba

SGA/M 71            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               Crestina Odira/Nelson Tenge

SGA/M 72            Angoro Young Star Jazz                            John Odula/Mary Akoth

SGA/M 73            Kilimo Jazz                                              Paro Finias Olunga/Christopher Ojwang

SGA/M 74            Kilimo Jazz                                              Oloo Radedi/Isayah Kasera

SGA/M 75            Kilimo Jazz                                              Joseph Agwara/Wasonga Alexi

SGA/M 76            Nyota Jazz                                              Jemima/Lucy

SGA/M 77            Nyota Jazz                                              Aloys Agwara/Thuond Nyota

SGA/M 78            Lolwe Jazz '75                                         Monica Aoko/Cheristantus Odhiambo

SGA/M 79            Central K Jazz                                         Samson Amweche/Mony No. 3

SGA/M 80            Central Oremo Jazz                                  Lucas Okech/J.P. Anyango

SGA/M 81            Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                               Onyango Jarabuor/Ojalo Janyakach

SGA/M 82            International De Nelly                               Agutu Dulo/Rit Wuoche No

SGA/M 198          Milambo Jazz                                            Oreta Bon/George Obiero

Misc releases

SGB 7-8               Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band                          Domnicus Omolo/Tobias Ogwel         1973

SGB 7-092           Victoria Jazz Band                                        Rose Coyucho/Collella Omin Apiyo    1973

SAB 004              DO7 Shirati Jazz Band                                  Nyamin On'gono/Winnie Anyango