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AIT an important player in the Kenyan music industry with a publishing wing, EIT, and lots of subsidiary labels such as Africa, yet there seem to be very few records on its own label in circulation. Details of most of the ones in this listing were provided by Peter Toll

The RAS prefixes are licensed from the Nigerian Roger All Stars label, while the CYB singles are licensed from City Special, a South Afrcan label. Presumably NGOZI-5, which is by a popular Zambian band, and SEY DP-3 are also licensed from other countries.

BG 4 is in Luhya and was produced by D Kabaka, presumably Daudi Kabaka.

February 2011: many gaps in the listings have been filled by titles listed in AIT’s own records, which also added seven titles with an AIT/HIT prefix

AIT 102       Carrousels                                     Nasili Mpe Nalembi/Nazongi Kini

AIT 104       Orch Bana Mboka                           Na Yori Yo Na Nsango/Dit Georgette

AIT 105       Orch Bana Mboka                           Complice/Na Loti Tobalani

AIT 106       Orch Bana Mboka                           Mobali Ya Bandumba/Yo Mold Oyebi Dit Mama

AIT 107       Les Maestros                                  Zozo Abaloli Miso/Nakeyi Na Kozonga

AIT 108       Les Maestros                                  Kikunda Wapi Yo/L'Enfer

AIT 110       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Gor Mahia FC/Matinda

AIT 113       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Hoeny Wangu Ayuko/Naenda Nhkuta

AIT 114       La Crouche                                    Natongo Makambo/Elis Na Bukavu

AIT 119        Bwana na Memsahib                     Irikaniro Gitu Na Mwendwa/Thina Wa Sammy

                   Sammy Ngugi na Josaphat Kirori

AIT 121       Bana Africa                                    Jane Pts 1 & 2

AIT 122       Orch Bella Succes                           Balobi No Somba Pupe/Muleke 1

AIT 126       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Umoja Wa Africa/Karibuni Wana Muziki

AIT 130       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    E.A. Challenge Cup '71/Oloo Mak Okinda

AIT 132       Jets                                               Tangu Nilipozaliwa/Dia Dia

AIT 133       Jets                                               Lily/Amina

AIT 139       Kange Brothers                              Agnes/Hee Africa

AIT 144       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Veronica Bolingo/Souvenir Ya Bolingo

AIT 145       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Moninga Pascaline/Mpasi Ya Mokili               1972

AIT 146       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Hongera Mzee Kenyatta/Bibi Wa Sheke        1972

AIT 147       Super Mambo Jazz ’69                    Bwana Nipetalaka/Teresa Nitafanya Nini

AIT 148       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Dr Solomon Odera/Mado Aboyi Ngai             1972

AIT 149       Super Mambo Jazz '69                    Azimio La Mashambani/Maonyesho Ya Biasha

AIT 150       Super Mambo Jazz ’69                    Maselina/Mothema Marth

AIT 151       Super Mambo Jazz ’69                    Samedi/Delvo Mwana Ya Bato

AIT 152       Super Mambo Jazz ’69                    Sweeper Soul/Hot Pant

AIT 153       Athoni Boys                                   Karendi Ka Mami/Bibi Hadua


AIT/HIT 5     Hodi Boys                                    Sweet Mother Pts 1 & 2

AIT/HIT 11    Hodi Boys                                    Christiana Pts 1 & 2

AIT/HIT 12   Alli-Abbas & The Peace Makers        Sisi Zote/Fanya Haraka Urudi                     1978

AIT/HIT 15    Slim Ali                                        Blessed Are The Meek Pts 1 & 2

                                                                      (Nyayo Philosophy)

AIT/HIT 17    Banana Hill Gang                         Disco/The Tide Is High

AIT/HIT 24    Count Down                                Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)/Rapture

AIT/HIT 25    Harari                                         Party/You'Re So Sad

AIT/HIT 26    The Dude                                    Ai No Corrida/Japanese Boy

AIT/HIT 37    Willie & Paul                                We Love It/We Love It (Instrumental)


RAS 2          Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz    Christiana Pts 1 & 2                                   1976

RAS 5          Ilenga Super Stars of Africa            Africa Unity Pts 1 & 2                                 1976


BG 1            Akichelesit Jazz                               Totoannah/Eyalama Oduya

BG 2            Akichelesit Jazz                               Ketosomata Idwe/Twa Mulia Mukenya

BG 3            Kabras Webuye Jazz                        Khurie Abebuli/Maendeleo Eboluhya

BG 4            Kabras Webuye Band                      Nashimiyu/Daktari Ali                               1977


CYB 152      The Movers                                     Hello Brothers, Hello Sisters/Star Press

CYB 213       Sophie/Thapedi                              Soweto/Woza Lapha                                  1976


SEY DP-3     David Philoe with the Volta Sounds   Dieu Toupuissant/Moi Rappe Mon Genoux   1976

NGOZI-5       Ngozi Family                                Chisoni Kwanzatu Azimbabwe/Mwana Wanga

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