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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


Lima 4         Orch Les Volcano                    Kwa Wasiojiweza Pts 1 & 2                        1980-81

Lima 5         Orch Bima Lee                        Ombi Pts 1 & 2

Lima 025     Ambira Boys Band                   Mama Otongolo Pts 1 & 2

Lima 027     Sega Sega Band                      Jirani Pts 1 & 2

An Audio Productions label in the same stable as APL.

After the tragic death of Mbaraka Mwinshehe in 1979, Charles Kasembe took over leadership of Orch Super Volcano and did his best to keep the show on the road. The later incarnation of the band also released records on Superphonics and Moto Moto.

Sega Sega Band cut sides for Kuja Mol, Njangwa and Raha Tele before reinventing themselves as Orch Sega Sega.

These are the only recordings encountered so far by Ambira Boys Band and Orch Bima Lee.