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Catalogue       Group                                              A side/B side                                                                              Year


Kuja 4         Migori Star Group                    Cleophas Owoth/Elias Olao

Kuja 9         Migori Super Star                    Joseph Akech/Salim Onyango                                     1977

Kuja 16       Sega Sega Band                      Loko Ngech/Patricia Atieno                                         1978

Late 1970s benga label, evidently distributed by AIT, that features productions by Okoth Kodondi.

Migori Star Group and variants on the name also recorded for Apuoyo Ogila, Melodica, Okolo Kiduong, Wamenyo and Wendo Modhial.

As I understand it, Sega Sega Band, also known as Orch Sega-Sega, started life as Kiwiro Boys Band then changed its name.

For some reason the British Library’s National Sound Archive lists the label name as Kuja Mol Kuja.