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Catalogue                      Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


MNA 001                  Orch Les Africanoes             Robina Mwana Nzambeh Pts 1 & 2

MNA 7-004               Gem Lucky Jazz Band          Odera Kopondo/Alice Apondi

Orch Les Africanoes sing in Lingala so are presumably a Congolese band, though I can’t add anything further to that except that their single showed up on Ebay in March 2009. It is just possible, though unlikely, that they are the same band as Orch Les Afrikanos who cut a side in English for CBS.

MNA 7-004 is by a Luo benga band who also recorded for Jojo Productions, Lake Victoria, Pino, Playa Sound.

The record turned up for sale at Sounds of the Universe in London in January 2009.