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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                Language             Year


LV 008        Kawere A Kings                         Fibi Owuor/Kon'go Rach

LV 012        K B Kings                                  Okoth Kodongi Nam/Akinyi Toto           Luo

LV 013        West Seme Jazz Band                Otieno Ambala/Mary Achieng                Luo

EA 003        Mori River Ongo Ochuoi              JJ Okech/Florence De Charley               Luo

EA 006        Victoria C Band                          Yud Nema Maler/C Ondiaso Onjiko        Luo

EA 007        Migori 43 Seco                           Lucia Akumu Mgele/Janet Akoth            Luo

LAF 3006    Orch Manga Kings                       Florence Ayiero/Maggy Adhiameo         Swahili

LAS 3027    Gem Lucky Band                        ?/Akinyi Nyaramba                               Luo                 1978

LAS 3046    Band Orch Les Kinois                  Ba-Boka Pts 1 & 2                                Lingala/Swahili

LAS 3049    Sare River Jazz Band                   Bentar Atieno No 1/H Aginga Odero      Swahili           1979

LAS 3050    Orch DO Simba Wa Bara              Wuolta Owiti/Chalis Ochien'g                Swahili           1979

Lake Victoria Special

VC 004        Orch Bamuza                            Mama Ya Mado Pts 1 & 2                      Lingala

VC 06          Orch Shika Shika                      Balingi Ngai Nakufa Pts 1 & 2                Lingala

VC 008        Les Victoria                               Walinikataa Pts 1 & 2                           Swahili

VC 9           Orch Ndege wa Anga                  Mama Rutty Pts 1 & 2                          Swahili

VC 1012      Tiers Monde Cooperation            Tiers Monde Pts 1 & 2                          Lingala

Label from Victoria Music Stores, featuring productions by Okoth Kodondi. He is best-known for his extensive work with Luo benga bands on labels such as Ka-Ber and Kodondi but he also produced other bands too.

The difference between the LV and EA prefixes is unclear, while much of

the non-Luo work is given a VC prefix and the label is overprinted “Special”.