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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


EIT 03         Orch Kombe Kombe             Sau Sauda Pts 1 & 2

EIT 06         Orch Super Kaumba             Banako Pts 1 & 2

EIT 08         Orch Super Kaumba             Kibila Pts 1 & 2

EIT 09         Les Vedettes                       Anna Pts 1 & 2

EIT 010       Super Mazembe Stars          Kibila Pts 1 & 2


Another imprint of AIT. The label on EIT 03 credits Coco Zigo Mike as the composer and says the band are ex-Orch Shama Shama.

Besides being a musician, Coco Zigo Mike, or Prince Coco Zigo Mike as he seems to have preferred to be called, evidently ran the Editions Zigo label for Melodica.