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The great works of Orch Super Volcano under the leadership of Mbaraka Mwinshehe were almost all released on Polydor. After the bandleader and guitarist’s death in 1979, the band continued under Charles Ray Kasembe as Orch Les Volcano and cut sides for Mlima, Moto Moto, Superphonics.

This version of the band, I suspect, is an even later incarnation of the group. It is described as a Jaca production on the label, suggesting a link with Editions Jaca.

The songwriting credit to Daniel Buldoza must surely be a small personal homage to Orch Super Mazembe, whose name means

“earth-movers” or “bulldozers”.

BIG 17         Orch Les Volcano                            Mwanamvua Pts 1 & 2

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