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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


GUY 7-200   Winam Jazz Band                       Rambimo Odiero/Mang'eny Kelo, Tabu               1974

GUY 7-207   Les Central Siaya Jazz                Celine/Tom Odhola

GUY 7-212   Orch Les Central Siaya Jazz        Rose Atieno/Jimy Ossome                                  1975

GUY  7-214  Orch Aero Top Jazz                    Ally J. A Kabella/Akeyo Rayier No 1

GUY 7-233   Kiwiro Jazz Band                        Odhiambo Ote/John Omira                                1975

Three Luo singles from the Voice of America collection by bands that seem to have recorded extensively elsewhere too. Ratego, means “strength” in Dholuo, hence the muscleman on the label design.

Kiwiro Jazz, I assume, are related to Kiwiro Boys Band, who released singles on God Huma, Kiwiro, Mago-Onge Othogo and POK, and Kiwiro Matata Jazz Band, who recorded

for Mzee Kobe.

Central Siaya Jazz put out records on Gabbytone and Hippo, while Winam Jazz did the same on Arum Koga and Jakong'o Olewo. Orch Aero Top Jazz, though, don’t appear anywhere else in this discography.