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Catalogue       Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


PP 4             Ragen Jupiters                         Hezron Onguru/Chilo No 2                                 1973

PP 7             Ragen Jupiters                         Peter Ja Uyoma/Locas Ooko                               1974

PP 13           King Jazz Band                         Orwa To Wuoyi/J Wuod Kitinda Mimba                

PP 14           Mihuru Boys                             Otieno Omoyo/Daniel Otieno                             

PP 16           Oboo Jazz                                S Got/Okeyo Meja                                             1974

PP 25           Toyota Jazz Band                     Richard Mboga/Rose Onyango                             1974


Luo label - the name means “the world is heavy, ie full of problems” - that evidently lasted a couple of years.

Details of the Ragen Jupiters singles and the label scan come from Ray Templeton. The band also recorded for Kilo.

Three of the other singles are in the British Library’s National Sound Archive. It dates PP 13 and PP 14 as being from 1975, which doesn’t sit well with the dates of the other singles, a query fortified by the dating of PP 25 which turned up on Ebay in March 2009.

The songwriting credit for Mihuru Boys is Tobias Noy and for King Jazz Tobby Musician. They sound like the same person to me.