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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


OYR 1          Orch Manga Kings                                Maggy/Susana

OYR 2          Orch Manga Kings                               Molly/Orchestra Manga Kings

OYR 3          Orch Manga Kings                               Jeflin Adhiambo/Eunice M. Akoth

OYR 4          Orch Manga Kings                                Where Is Maggy Pts 1 & 2

OYR 5          Segenya River Jazz                               Julius Omolo/Stephen Yogo

OYR 6          Segenya River Jazz                               Miss Jenifer Achieng/Ber Ojiemoni

OYR 7          Orch Manga Kings                                Mary Akinyi/Fanuel Opondo

OYR 8          Orch Manga Kings                                Maggu Usinitese/Charles Rain

OYR 9          Orch Manga Kings                                Florence Ayieko/Maggy Adhiambo

OYR 10        Orch Manga Kings                                Sofia Kalili Pts 1 & 2

OYR 11        Orch Manga Kings                                Raha Tele/Luora Luora

OYR 12        Beat Orutu                                          Bur Maromo Gi Pipa/Silfano Ochieng        1977

OYR 13        Orch Ruka Ruka                                   Mr. Adhiambo/Piny Orumu

OYR 14        Orch Manga Kings                                Elmad Achar/Moly No. 3

OYR 15        Orch Manga Kings                                Onyango Micky/Ywak Misumba

OYR 16        Central K Dumbe Dumbe                      Dr. Rakwach/Chakruok Thum Weta

OYR 17        Kochieng Hippo Jazz                            J.S. Odiero/Akinyi Viva

OYR 18        Orch Nyancha Mirieri Boys                    Ogwari Sally/Dominicus Liware

OYR 19        Nyancha Brieri Boys Orchestra              Nyangoye Julius/Washington Orien

OYR 20        Kamwala Lakeside Jazz                        Seline Atieno/Piny Orumo

OYR 21        Golden Kings                                       Tabu Ya Awendo/Honey Love-Ing'Yo

OYR 22        Golden Kings                                       Alice Anyango/Luke R. Obok

Veteran musician Daudi Kabaka produced OYR 12 for this AIT-distributed label. The single, which surfaced on Ebay in March 2009, features the orutu, a traditional one-stringed fiddle.

There’s another single featuring the instrument by the Malombo Orutu Choir on the Tat Yien label.

OYR 7 and OYR 8 turned up on Ebay in March 2011, though without a producer’s credit to Daudi Kabaka, and the rest of the singles come from the AIT master catalogue, revealing a roster of Luo bands that is very similar to the Kido label.

The unbroken run of catalogue numbers suggests this listing may now be complete.