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Catalogue       Group                                                              A side/B side                                                       Year


OGM series

OGM 1        International De Nelly                           Thuond Kabondo No. 2/D. Odongo

OGM 7-4      Victoria Jazz Band                               Disamas Onyango/Victoria Kings               1974

OGM 7-7      Victoria Jazz Band                               P Aluoch/Martin Opondo                           1974

OGM 8         Victoria Jazz                                        Duk Jaduoso/Jane No. 2

OGM 9         Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                           Opondo Nduko/Odira Jerry

OGM 10       Sare River Jazz                                    J. Charles Otieno/Samwel Nyagaya

OGM 11       Sare River Jazz                                    Luckas Ooko/Johnson Geko

OGM 12       Kandaria Boys                                     Anyango Nyar Nduri No.2/Samwel Olela

OGM 15       Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                           Hakuna Kazi/Onyango Chali

OGM 16       Migori River Jazz                                  Charles Ambuko/S.T.N.

OGM 18       Victoria Jazz                                        Pongezi Kwa Walimu/Maselina

OGM 19       International De Nelly                          Muony Kon'Go Matin Tu/Mos Jakomala

OGM 20       Kusa Luo                                             Jane Abuya/Piny Ger Koda

OGM 22       Victoria Jazz                                        Toto Rateng/J.H. Akelo

OGM 23       Victoria Jazz                                        Abdala Abila/Omenda Owewa Gi Paro

OGM 24       Kamsunga Jazz                                    Joseph Oyoo/Anjelina

OGM 25       Kamsunga Jazz                                    Tito Olang/December Ochakore

OGM 26       Komala Jazz                                         Dick Ooro Gi Ieny/George Onunga

OGM 27       Komala Boys                                        Piny Masani/Anyango Nyar Nyabondo

OGM 28       Kolunge Jazz                                        Nyiri Masani/F. Achieng

OGM 29       Lolwe O.K. Rabala Jazz                         James Ngoko/Pastor Ouma

OGM 30        Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                          Juma Sammy/Sara Mwakalinga

OGM 31        International De Nelly                          Awiti Simba Nyiri/Samwer Ohon

OGM 7-32    Central K Jazz Band                             Lucy Aoko/Ezra Ooko                               1975

OGM 33       Sare River Jazz                                  Gabriel Opiyo/P.O. Mc Aduro

OGM 33       Central K Jazz                                    Joice Atieno/Ben Mc Adwar

OGM 34        Victoria Jazz                                      Abonyo Olando/Eliab Ojow No. 3

OGM 34        Victoria Jazz                                      Elias Otieno/Eunice Peter No. 4

OGM 35        Victoria Jazz                                      Tobias A. Oloo/J.B. Side

OGM 35        Central K Jazz                                    Peter Akida/B. Osewe

OGM 36        Victoria Jazz                                        Nyagilo Member/Patrick Owuonda

OGM 37        Shirati Luo Voice Jazz                           Milton Achila/Wilson Oloo

OGM 38        Lolwe O.K. Rabala Jazz                         Jack Okelo George/Senior Prod O.K.

OGM 39        Sare River Jazz                                    Rose Adongo/Sela Adhiambo

OGM 40        Kilimo Jazz                                          Dr. Nyakiema/K. Okumu

OGM 41        Central K Jazz                                     Okoth Aringo/John Odhiambo

OGM 42       Central K Jazz                                    Joseph Omeno/Thagruok Kelo Mwandu

OGM 42SP   Kawere Boys                                      Piny Obetnade/Johnson Achaeha

OGM 43        International Luo Success '75               Rapar Herina Adongo/Aloys Obiero

OGM 44        Metric Jazz                                          George Okuku/Collela

OGM 45        Central K Jazz                                     Maselus Owiny/Joshwa Oungo

OGM 46        Central K Jazz                                     Julita Akinyi/Stephan Okumu

OGM 47        Migori River Jazz                                 Samuel Oyamo/Augustino Siso

OGM 49        Kambate Jazz                                     Janes Wasonga/Ochieng Party

OGM 50        Victoria Jazz                                       Sar Mamy No. 2/Rose Akelo No. 5

OGM 51        Victoria Jazz                                       Onyango Mngwana/Elmad Odida

OGM 52        Victoria Kings Jazz                              Elias Otieno/Silvester Odero

OGM 53        Kawere Boys                                      Onditi Kwaru/Oguru Owena

OGM 54        Kawere Boys                                      Jane Anyango/J. Ogendo Onditi

OGM 55        Luta Jazz                                            Anyuola Rach/Jabilo

OGM 7-56    Kawere Boys Band                               Joshwa Odiembo/Richard Nyandege          1975

OMA series

OMA 1          Victoria Kings Jazz                            Jesinta Anyango/Damianus Obunga

OMA 1          Gem Lucky Jazz                                 Nyakwar Samba/E. Anyango

OMA 2           Victoria Kings A                                   Fibi Toto/My Lover (NR)                     1978

OMA 3          Victoria Kings Jazz                             Dichol Tang Chon/James Gaya

OMA 3          U.K. Oremo Jazz                                 Rose Abutu/Dr. B. Muga

OMA 4          Victoria Kings Jazz                             Rosemary Jaber/Ajwang Sipi

OMA 4          Nyagowa Family Orchestra                Ben Sammy Olango/Oriwa Nyakwar Oranga

OMA 5          Victoria Kings Jazz                              Akinyi/Washington Awuor

OMA 5          Ukwala Matata Jazz                            Rapar Onyango/Margaret Awing

OMA 6          Gem Lucky Jazz                                    Penina Atieno/Abisalom Ochieng

OMA 7          Gem Lucky Jazz                                    Charles Okwaro/Penina Ochimbo

OMA 8          Ukwala Matata Jazz                               Helen Atieno No.1/Albert Ochaka

OMA 9          Ukwala Matata Jazz                               Doreen Adhis/Helen Atieno No. 2

OMA ?          Nyagowa Family Orchestra               Joseph Awiti/Jane Auma

An AIT label for Luo bands. For a long time this discography has records of just five records on the label, OGM 7-4, 7-7, 7-32 and 7-56 and OMA2, then in March 2011 the AIT master catalogue added the rest. The catalogue isn’t without its problems: some catalogue numbers appear in duplicate and even triplicate, and some titles are missing or may be incorrect - it seems unlikely, for instance, that the b-side of OGM 38 is “Senior Prod OK”. I’ve left in suspect information for now, but would be delighted for errors to be corrected.

The date on OMA 2 appears to indicate the label may have lain dormant for a year or two then been revived.