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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


LG 1            Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Mike Tinde/Odera Raph

LG 2            Kawere Boys                            C.K. Ogonda/P. Mary Akinti

LG 3            Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Nelson Ombori/Juma Sammy

LG 4            Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Ben Kinya/Morris Muya

LG 5            Victoria Kings Jazz                     Samwel Okeja/Sila Owiti

LG 6            Victoria Kings Jazz                  George Owiti/Ruben Okoth

LG 6            Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz             Rael Adhiambo/Panyako Omolo

LG 7            Moko African Boys                    Paro Helena Achola/Michael Aduda

LG 9            Victoria Kings Jazz                    Mzee William Agao/Zablon Oloo

LG 10          Kawere Boys                             P.O.K./Nyandega Owen

LG 11          Victoria Kings Jazz                     J. Abok Samo/W, Oyaro

LG 12          Victoria Kings Jazz                    P. Orungi/Alex Onyango

LG 13          Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                J.A. Come Again/Chief Ondiek

LG 14          Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Safari Ma Kisii/Charles Kibeche

LG 15          Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Marin Achola/Okoth Aram

LG 16          Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Central K Pts 1 & 2

LG 17          Gem Lucky Band                        Silvanus Opiyo/George Odari

LG 18          Gem Lucky Jazz                         Ochu K'Oruko/Kapuonj Ogutu

LG 19          Kawere Boys                             Esau Muga/James Oyugi

LG 20          Continental Revolution               Okeyo Onginjo/Safari Coast Pwani

LG 22          Migori Super Stars                     Margaret Juma/Elisha Ogayo

LG 23          Kawere Boys                             Bibi Penina/Otho Jandhiwa No. 2

LG 24          Kawere Boys                             W. Opiyo Abala/Abok Samo

LG 25          Central K Jazz                           Adhiambo Olal Chuth/Ben Kadwar

LG 29          Central K Jazz                           Obengo Rachier/Selina Achieng

LG 30           Migori Super Stars                    Mc Otieno/Nason Ogola

LG 31           Kawere Boys                            Onyango Jadudi No. 2/Kawere Biro No. 2

LG 32           Migori Super Stars                    Joseph Okello/B.N.R. Jaber

LG 33           Continental Revolution              Isaya Odera/Dorry Bioma

LG 34           Victoria Kings Jazz                    Lando Susana/Rose Oyona

LG 35           Victoria Kings Jazz                    Joshwa Oriro/F. Gombe Rateng

LG 38           Victoria Kings Jazz                    Rosemary Aoko/Dan Osino

LG 39           Kiwiro Boys                              Joseph Oselu/Bethlida Akeyo

LG 40           Victoria Kings Jazz                    Hezekia Nyawade/Merceline Apiyo

LG 42           Migori Super Stars                    Serfina Atieno/Dismas Aliwa

LG 43           Kiwiro Boys                              C. Adhiambo/Anton Adambo

LG 44           Kiwiro Boys                              Pamela Anyango Pts 1 & 2

LG 45           Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz                Rose Adek/Alice Atieno

LG 46           Mori Ongo Ochuoi                      Silfanus Opiyo/John Duke

LG 47           Victoria Kings Jazz                    Roda Anyango/Yamo Olalo Osoo

LG 48          Migori Super Stars                     Charles Odongo/Peter. Apuoyo

LG 49          Victoria Kings Jazz                     Aonge Parono/Charles Amolo

LG 50          Nyanza Success                        Jatka/Albert Onyango

LG 51          Victoria Kings Jazz                    Otieno Koloo/Raf Nyange

LG 53           Mori Ongo Ochuoi                    J. Ogwari Kodede/Walter Oyaro

LG 54           Bugire Orchestra                      John Mc Swaya/Paro Birgita Anyango

LG 58           Central K Jazz (Simba Wabara)  Amara Dc/Patrick Obudho

LG 59           Central K Jazz                          Charles Ochieng/Jack Okoth

LG 61           Owila Boys                              James Ngunya/Achieng Oneko

LG 62           Owila Boys                              Osewe Joel/Adhis Caroline

LG 63           Malare Success                        Anjelina Aloo/Charles Okuthe

LG 64           Malare Success                        Lucia Adoyo/Ogeto Jandigwa

LG 65           Continental Revolution             Lonah/C. Siwale

LG 17 turned up on Ebay in April 2009 and the rest of these singles are taken from AIT’s master catalogue and added in March 2011, all pointing to the fact this is yet another label operated by Oluoch Kanindo, the producer behind POK, Oula, Bolingo and many others.

The majority of the recordings are by well-travelled Luo bands, of whom Orch DO7 Shirati Jazz are the most prolific, having recorded for more than 25 labels. 

While the AIT catalogue is a valuable resource, it is not an infallible one. Two records are listed as being LG 6, for instance. The only way to find out which is correct is to wait for vinyl copies of both turn up.