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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                                Year


KLB 7-001    Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Katulu na Bell-Bottom/Eka Kuia Beatrice            1976

KLB 7-002    Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Kelitu Ka Kanyole Pts 1 & 2                               1976

KLB 7-003    Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Muindi Wa Mang'ala/Dr Kalau                            1976

KLB 08         Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Nondo Nene/Ma Tolo wa Maseki

KLB 10         Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Wanawake Wachawi/                                     1976

KLB 101       Kilimambogo Brothers Band       Mji Wa Mombasa/Ni-Rudie Sara


Doug Paterson collaborated with John Beadle on the Kakai Kilonzo and Kilimambogo Brothers discography for Toshiya Endo’s website, which you can find here


Almost everything in this listing and those for the related Kakai Kilonzo Sound, Les Kilimambogo and New Mwania Sound labels has been borrowed from their work with Doug and John’s permission. The exceptions are KLB 101, which came from Flemming Harrev in Denmark, who also very kindly provided the label scan, and KLB 08, which was kindly supplied by Sofiane of Groovy Record in Paris.