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Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                        Language


FUR 7-135   John Nzenze                     Elizabeth Wangu/Veronika Mpenzi                           Swahili

                   with Bongo Boys

FUR 7-147   Joseph Abasi, Tom Miti      Tulime/Twist Cha Cha                                            Swahili

                  with C Ljina

FUR    203   Misusera Segamwenge      Sanyu/Mukomusaja                                                Luganda

FUR    213   E Kawalya &                      Malagadaga/Taddanga                                           Luganda

                  James K Kigongo

FUR    227   Misusera Segamwenge      Ddayana/Poulina                                                    Luganda

FUR 7-234   Joseph Kamaru                Mundi Ahikania Ari Mitino Mingi/Ndiratuire Njui         Kikuyu

                  with Mwari Wanyina

FUR 7-236   Susana Band                    Lwaki Onkyaawa/Yudaya                                        Luganda

FUR 7-250   Joseph Kamaru                 Happy Christmas and New Year/Mboco Iri Mbucha    Kikuyu

                  with Mwari Wanyinya

FUR 7-279   Kericho Jazz                      Suzie Wapi Yo Pts 1 & 2

FUR 7-297   Tanzania Luo Band            Rapar Mar Luo Matanzania/Owigo Ogul                   Luo

FUR 7-300   Wilfred Ndirangu               Umbani Uri Thina/Waigoko                                     Kikuyu

                  with M Wagatonye

FUR 7-301   Tanzania Luo Band            Rapar Marhera/Mwalimu Jonathan Nyando              Luo

FUR 7-302   Maranga Wa Gatonye        Kiheo Ni Muoyo/Hunjiai Na Hinya                           .Kikuyu

                  with W Ndirangu

FUR 7-303   Tanzania Luo Band            Mgecha Achieg/O. Nyakuwa

FUR 307      Wilfred Ndirangu Kariuki    Thogora ni Maitho/Kirathimo Gitu                           Kikuyu

FUR 7-314   Maranga Wa Gatonye        Mwaki Wa Tawa/Kiriiri                                           Kikuyu

                  with W Ndirangu

POP series

POP 7-155  Joseph Kamaru                  Ndogathi Na Mwarigo/Muchi Nduri Kaburi                Kikuyu

                  with Mwari Wanyinya

POP 7-200    Peter Auma                      A: Daniel Owingo Gi Helen Akeyo                           Luo

MPC 398-9    with vocalist                    B: Leonard Omollo Gi Liwnida Ogony

                   C Amondi & C Kolla

John Nzenze is one of the great survivors of Kenyan music. He had a big hit with Angelika Twisti in 1962 and then, according to a report in The Nation, April 19, 2008, which you can read at http://allafrica.com/stories/200804210063.html he joined the then Nakuru-based Bongo Boys, which apparently also included Daudi Kabaka. After years in semi-retirement in Kakamega, the same report says he is about to release a new record.

Nzenze was with the Bongo Boys from 1962-64, a connection that puts these records in that period or slightly later. Michiel van Oosterhout says that FUR 203 came out in 1971, so the later option may be nearer the mark. Why the Peter Auma record has such a different catalogue number isn’t clear, though.

Wilfred Ndirangu and Wagatonye also recorded for Melodica


Thanks to Michiel van Oosterhout for details of the three early Luganda-language releases on this label.

FUR 7-147 turned up on Ebay in May 2010. The seller described the record as being pressed in Kericho. Unfortunately he posted an image of an entirely different record, so it is impossible to verify whether the label was based there.

Update: in September 2010 all of the Jospeh Kamaru singles on this label turned up on Ebay. All had black labels with silver writing and clearly showed they were produced by AP Chandarana in Kericho. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good label scan from these records.