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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


ELG 1          Orch Super Tukina                Sotogo No 1 & 2

ELG 2         Makako                                 Elolango Pts 1 & 2

ELG 4         Orch Kiam                             Mayika/A Ngambo

ELG 8          Youlou Mabiala & OK Jazz      Lité/Ma Josie

ELG 11        Orch Sosoliso                       Lomeka/Kenda Zunga

ELG 14        Orch Bella Bella                    Kopalangana Pts 1 & 2

ELG 17        Orch Sosoliso                         Matshatsha/Good bye Yuna

ELG 18        Orch Bella Bella                    Leki Ya Mwasi/Bomboka

ELG 19        Orch Kamale                        Ba Kamale Pts 1 & 2

ELG 21        Beya Maduma                      Assamba Ya Beya Pts 1 & 2

ELG 33        Orch Veve                            Belina Pts 1 & 2

ELG 34        Trio Madjesi                         Arbitre/Bokila

ELG 36        Orch Bella Bella                    Nganga Pts 1 & 2


Three discs in the British Library’s National Sound Archive and one, ELG 19, from Ebay, on a label that I haven’t been able to trace anywhere else. Gary Stewart’s Rumba on the River, a must-have history of Congolese music, says Nganga came out in 1974, which places these records in the first half of the 1970s. Unless, of course, they were reissues.