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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Language


BALU 001     Kimilili Nasusi Band             A: Alphas Wakama Walwema                     Bukusu

                                                            B: Khubelanie Ne Papa

BALU 003     Suku Jazz Band                   Peter O'Kwemba/George Musee                 Luhya

BALU 006     Mbirira Super Stars             Kucha London/Omukhasi Okenda               Bukusu

BALU 006 turned up for sale in London at Sounds of the Universe in early 2009, BALU 001 surfaced on the CD&LP.com sale site in November 2012 and BALU 003 turned up on the same site in November 2013.

Suku Jazz Band are one of the bands led by Sukuma Bin Ongaro and recorded widely. I don’t know anything about either of the other bands, although the Kimilili Nasusi Band also recorded for Chikholo Chie Babukusu suggesting a possible connection between the two labels.