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Catalogue       Group                                          A side/B side                                                        Year


CHA 6Mori Ongo Ochuoi            Ndege Sudhe/Osano Agwati

CHA 7Mori Ongo Ochuoi             Francis Ngeta/Morris Ondula

CHA 7-9       DO7 Shirati Jazz                 Michael Ouma/Philip Otieno

CHA 13Orch D O 7 Shirati JazzOchieng Willy/Akech Dhahabu

CHA 14Kajulu Boys              Fibi Achieng/Olali Toyota

CHA 15Orch  D O 7 Shirati JazzAngeline Atieno/Ajuma Jagongo

CHA 16Orch  D O 7 Shirati JazzJenifa Mapenzi/Cornel M. Nyasigo

CHA 18Orch  D O 7 Shirati JazzIse Temo Hapi/J. Onjula Nyang

CHA 19Orch  D O 7 Shirati JazzJohn R. Otuoma/Adhiambo Rispa

With the exception of CHA 7-9, details of all these records have come from AIT’s database.

Of the three Luo artists on the label, the prolific DO Misiani’s Shirati Jazz are the best known, though both Mori Ongo Ochuol and Kajulu Boys recorded for a variety of other labels too.