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Thanks to Flemming Harrev in Denmark for sending in details of AUG 10 produced by the August Gramophone Stores. It’s sung in Kiswahili and, without hearing it, appears to be a tribute song to George Mukabi, an artist who recorded for CMS and Zebra, performed by either his son or a close relative.

In November 2010, Sofiane very kindly supplied details of two other records on the label and a a scan that shows at on at least one of the records August Gramophone Stores has become African Gramophone Stores.

AUG 10        Johnston George Mukabi                 George Mukabi/Changa Ni Mbaya

AGS 741      Silas Muiruri                                   Kanyina Wiwaiguru/Mwendwa Ririkana

AGS 7-222   Kawalya Mayambala                       Nalule/Nkangi

                   with AGS Boys

Catalogue       Group                                                       A side/B side                                                  Year



Since the labels are similar in design if not colour, the switch could reflect Kenya’s independence in 1963, which would date the recordings to the mid-1960s, or it could be that it was done because AGS 7-222 is in Luganda and the recording was intended primarily for export.

It’s possible, too, that the artist’s credit is meant to read “Kawalya, Mayambala and AGS Boys” as Eclas Kawalya was one of the pioneers of Ugandan popular music, and a contemporary of Fred Masagazi and Charles Sonko.

Silas Muiruri was a Kikuyu, whose name crops up in John Low’s 1982 book, African Music, though I haven’t yet been able to access the full text to find out anything further about him.