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Two subsidiaries of AIT that primarily concentrated on releasing the music of Tanzanian artists such as Western Jazz Band for the Kenyan market.

What prompted the name switch from Africa to Africa79 is unclear, though it must have taken the label designer several seconds to effect the change. One clue, perhaps, is that every 7in that I have encountered on Africa79 has been licensed from a single source: Tanzanian Music Promoters.

Moto Moto, another AIT label, also concentrated on Tanzanian music, though there’s no obvious reason for the firm having two operations doing much the same thing.

Update, September 2011: Doug Paterson has pointed out that the three singles attributed to the extravagantly named Koka Koka Sex Battalion on this label were subsequently issued on Moto Moto as being by Vijana Jazz. The reasons for the use of a pseudonym is uncertain.

Details of THL 1 at the end of the listing were supplied by Michiel von Ooosterhuit. It is unclear whether this Luganda-language single is from the same AIT company as others in the listing or on a different label with the same name.


AFR 7-1          Super Mambo Jazz '69                 Jeanne Mulongo/Mbanda Na Ngai

AFR 7-2          Super Mambo Jazz '69                 Lobi Na Taxi/Muasi Yala Bala

AFR 7-3          Western Jazz                              Mahakimu Wa Mapenzi/Weekend Na Saboso

AFR 7-4          Western Jazz                              Niinakusubiri Shani/Aran Acha Ubaya

AFR 7-5          Western Jazz                              Nami Naridhika/Mwajabu

AFR 7-6          L'Orchestra National                    Selela/Mwelema Na National                            1973

AFR 7-7          L'Orchestra National                    Usicheze Na Kazi/Dorra

AFR 7-8          L'Orchestra National                    Rose Va La Roho/Tatu Mapenzi Siki


AFR 7-9          L'Orchestra National                    Dada Namna Gani/Marcelina                            1973

AFR 7-10        L'Orchestra National                    Namtafuta Mama/Tumependana Nawe              1973

AFR 7-11        Orch National                             Pherista Nieleze Kwanza/Mtoto Wa Yatima

AFR 7-14        Super Mambo Jazz '69                 Baninga Na Kinshasa/Nasalaki Nini                   1973

AFR 7-15        Super Mambo Jazz '69                Mokakosuwa/Elombe Medard                            1973

AFR 7-16        Tropics National                          Uhalifu/Mpendwa Ngala                                    1973

AFR 7-17        Dar-Es-Salaam Jazz                    Marie Njoo/Dada Roda

AFR 7-18        Dar-Es-Salaam Jazz                    Tulipokelewa Vizuri/Dada Nakwita                     1973

AFR 7-19        Dar-Es-Salaam Jazz                    Nikupe Nini/Bast Nitamuoa Madina

AFR 7-20        Kange Brothers                           Olympic 72/Shida Za Dunia                              1973

AFR 7-21        Mkendo Jazz                               Shemeji/Mke Mwenzangu                                 1973

AFR 7-22        Mkendo Jazz                               Chausika/Mariamu                                           1973

AFR 7-23        Mkendo Jazz                                Amina/Hakika                                                1973

AFR 24           Orch Mkendo Jazz                        Tatu/Sina Salama

AFR 25           King Melody Jazz                          Kilenge/Talaka

AFR 26           Madaraka Jazz                             Joice/Unanidharau

AFR 27           Atomic Jazz                                 Sitaki Tema/Nitakula Sumu

AFR 28           Atomic Jazz                                 Barua Na Picha Uniletee/Weva Mam

AFR 29           Atomic Jazz                                 Rejina/Wacha Wivu

AFR 7-30        L'Orchestra National                    Lina Nakukanya/Mpenzi Wa Maisha                   1973

AFR 7-31        Atomic Jazz Band                        Mapenzi Ya Matatizo/Kifo Cha Ngala                  1973

AFR 7-32       Western Jazz Band                        Wenzangu Nawauliza/Rosa                              1973

AFR 7-33       Western Jazz Band                        Kubadili Dini/Vigelegele                                   1973

                     (credited to Shamba Ramadhani

                      and Western Jazz Band)

AFR 34          Western Jazz                                Mela Mama/Dada Blandina

AFR 35          Western Jazz                                Kijana Eh/Kupenda Ni Matokeo

AFR 7-36       Python Mas & Zaire Success           Sofia Motema/Mado                                         1973

AFR 7-37       Zaire Succes                                 Selina/Manjosa No 1                                        1973

AFR 38          Zaire Success                               Likambo Ya Kikamwa/Kolela Na Kolelaka            1973

AFR 39          Zaire Success                                S.T.C./Caroline                                                1973

AFR 7-40       Zaire Succes                                 Fatuma/Olobaka Lobaka                                   1973

AFR 41          Orch Keta                                     Ruti/Jamvi


AFR 42          Chapa Storia Jazz                         Wendoten/Pik Ak Mogori

AFR 43          Angolo Jazz                                 Mwachinga Maloko/Africa

AFR 44          Angolo Jazz                                 Taama Iliua Fist/Lonita Ongach

AFR 45          Orch Scarlet                                 Dada Kula/Msichana Nimpendae

                   (3rd Kenya Rifles)

AFR 7-46        Scarlet Band 3rd Kenya Rifles        Salamu Viongozi/Mama Wakambo                    1973

AFR 7-47        Orch Boma Liwanza                      Ma Bibi/Mary Akinyi                                         1973

AFR 7-48        Orch Boma Liwanza                      Zala Serieux Pts 1 & 2                                      1973

AFR 49           Atomic Jazz                                 Heshima Ya Bibi/Mpenzi Moshi

AFR 50           Boma Liwanza                             Ngai Bebe/Wilermina

AFR 51           The Safari Trippers                      Sokomoko Ndani Ya Nyumba/Nashan Gazwa

AFR 52           The Safari Trippers                      Mama Watoto/Wazazi Na Choka

AFR 7-53        Super Mambo Jazz '69                  Wafanyi Kazi V.O.K./Tufurahi Weekend             1974

AFR 54           The Safari Trippers                       Huwezi Kuruoi/Kenyatta Wa Kenya

AFR 55           Western Jazz                               Wana Saboso/Wajue Wana Bosso

AFR 56          T.O. Fiesta Jazz                            Monica/Mpenzi Asha

AFR 57           T.O. Fiesta Jazz                            Shemeji/Tamasha

AFR 58           The Safari Trippers                       Sakina/Hasira Hasara

AFR 59           The Safari Trippers                       Xijana Mdogo/Mama Maria

AFR 60            Western Jazz                              Kusabahiana/Samahani

AFR 61            L'Orchestre Sola T.T.                   Rufina/Aisha

AFR 62            Urafiki Jazz                                Nauli Ya Uda/Dunia Fedha

AFR 63            Urafiki Jazz                                Mary Wa Moyo/Kila Mtenda Wema

AFR 64            Urafiki Jazz                                Tatu Na Salima/Nakupenda Baby

AFR 65            Western Jazz                              Flora Na Esta/Siri Ya Nyumbani

AFR 66            Western Jazz                              Leo Nakuonya/Ahadi

AFR 67            Western Jazz                              Tama Haifai/Saboso 75

AFR 68            Ujamaa Jazz                                Muokowe Mwanawe/Africa Ni Yetu

AFR 69            Ujamaa Jazz                                Asha Mama/Umalaya Ni Hasara

AFR 70            Ujamaa Jazz                               Dada Siri/Kukaribisha Kwangu

AFR 7-900      Western Jazz Band                       Amina Maliza Masomo/Balaa Limeni Andama      1974

AFR 7-901      Western Jazz Band                       Mke Mlevi/Aza                                                  1974

AFR 7-903      Western Jazz Band                       Asante/Pokea Salaam                                        1974

AFR 7-904      Western Jazz Band                       Baibui Mkononi/Mwali                                        1974

AFR 7-905      Western Jazz Band                       Shemeji/Mpenzi Rukia                                       1974

AFR 7-906      Western Jazz Band                       Eliza Mpenzi/Usiamini Binadamu                         1974

AFR 7-907      Western Jazz Band                       A: Nashindwa Na Tabia Yako                              1974

                                                                       B: Simuachi Mpenzi Wangu

AFR 908         Koka Koka Sex Batallion               Ujirani Mwema/Koka Koka No.1

AFR 909         Koka Koka Sex Batallion                Shangazi/Gwe Manetu Fii

AFR 910         Koka Koka Sex Batallion                Rejina/Mary

AFR 911         L'Orchestre Sola T.T.                     K.A.N.U./Suzie

AFR 7-912      Orch Sola TV                                Tucheze Asita/Mama Musa                                 1975

AFR 913         Urafiki Jazz                                   Kusoma Jeni/Kaa Chonjo

AFR 914         Urafiki Jazz                                  Ali Umefanya Mambo Mbaya/Tukusanyike Wote

AFR 915         Urafiki Jazz                                  Chaka Chua 75/Kaka Na Dada

AFR 916         Ujamaa Jazz                                 Mpenzi Ema/Alima Dada

AFR 917         Ujamaa Jazz                                 Nimechoka/Roda

AFR 918         Ujamaa Jazz                                 Alia Nizikilize/Uhuru Mozambique

AFR 919         L'Orchestre Voice Africa                 Kipenzi Suza/Pro. Bayeye

AFR 7-920      Eagles Band                                 Sitasahau 75/Rehema No 2                                1975

AFR 921         The Eagles Lupopo '77                  Judge Mahavali/Ingato Mumalova

AFR 7-922      Youth Choir of East Africa              Upendo Wa Yesu/Ulimwengu Wa Ajabu               1976

AFR 7-923      Youth Choir of East Africa              Kazaliwa Mtoto Yesu/Mungu Wa Pekee                1976

AFR 7-999      J Mwale & The Ken Cheeters          Eliza Wangu/Dunia Miviringo                              1976

AFR 7-1000    J Mwale & The Ken Cheeters          Rabeka Wanisumbua No 2/Kuwaza Sera No 2      1976

AFR 7-1002    Butiama Jazz Band                       Shangazi Shangazi/Kila Siku Silali                       1976

AFR 7-1003    Butiama Jazz Band                       Rebeca/Rose Mpenzi                                          1976

AFR 7-1004    Butiama Jazz Band                       Mwayango Mwayango/Nilikuya Nikuone               1976

AFR 7-1005    Vuria Mwangeka Brothers             Nyodora Kishiki/Pesa Reka Ndoenyi                    1976

AFR 1007        Bongo Boys                                Sina Ugonjwa/Baba Unienitupa

AFP 1008        Mzalendo Success                        Kadogo Kangu/Niwiye Radhi                              1976

AFR 1009        Bongo Boys                                Rudi Nyumbani Baba/Lucy Tafadhau

AFR 1010        John Mwale                                Julyeda Uko War/Nilisafiri Mjini Arusha

                      & The Ken-Cheeters

AFR 1011        John Mwale &                             Nakwamgia Evelina/Heshima Watoto Kwa Wazee

                      The Ken-Cheeters

AFR 1012        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Mwana Omduma Machi/Mwana Usene Ndee

AFR 1013        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            A: Mwambi Nekunda Pete Yapo

                                                                       B: Mwambi Nawurie Kiokote

AFR 1017        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Mayo Ni Mbaya/Iriso Jikusumbuagha

AFR 1018        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Righa Nafanya Ngasu/Riwa Madu

AFR 1019        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Me-Salome /Dawida Yaboiy                                  1977

AFR 1021       Vuria Mwangeka Brothers             Vora Niku Mlungu/Wai Wa Idana                          1977

AFR 1022        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Seko Re Vivira/Elimu Ni Akida

AFR 1023        Vuria Mwangeka Brothers            Mdam Ndaedi Kirani/Mukulugudu Kasui-Sui

AFR 1024       Hafusa Abasi, Slim Ali &

                     the Kikulacho Yahoos Band           Hayeshi Mawazo/Sina Raha                                 1978


AFR 2001       Mwenge Jazz Band                        Mwana Hawa/Sadolina

AFR 2002       Orch Dar International                  Rafiki Sina Pts 1 & 2

AFR 2003       Urafiki Jazz Band                          Kosa La Nani Pts 1 & 2

AFR 2004       A side: Vijana Jazz Band               Sellata

                     B side: Orch Dar International       Betty

AFR 2006       Orch Dar International                  Vicky Pts 1 & 2

AFR 2007       Vijana Jazz Band                           Masido Pts 1 & 2

THL 1            Christopher Sebadduka                  Oluwala Olunyunyon/Lulina Amattire                   1977

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