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Catalogue             Group                                                                 A side/B side                                                Year


WEL 1             Migori Super Stars                                  Phillip Okeyo/Dan Otieno

WEL 2             Migori Super Stars                                 Tobias Origi/Jenipha Atieno

WEL 3             Migori Super Stars                                 Serfina Atieno Pts 1 & 2

WEL 4             Okok Rachar                                         Kend Ber Giwat/Rose Awino No. 2

WEL 5             Okok Rachar                                         Margaret Adhiambo/Nashon Opiyo

WEL 6             Okok Rachar                                         Timbe Kijende/E. Aldo Owewa

WEL 7             Kawere Boys                                         N. Odire/Anna Nyar Kaluoch

WEL 8             Kawere Boys                                         Chief Isaac Ogalo/J.D. Ongweths

WEL 9?          Migori Super Stars                               Margaret Juma Pts 1 & 2

WEL 10           Migori Super Stars                                  Opande Ojanga/Rispa Achieng

WEL 7-12       Migori Super Stars                                   Margaret Juma Pts 1 & 2

WEL 13           Migori Super Stars                                  Joseph Oucho/Mary Auma

WEL 14           Migori Super Stars                                  Potas Ayara/Ajwang Sipi

WEL 15           43 Migori Seco                                       Elly Ogaja/Odira Nyar Ugwe

SEM 002         Migori Super Stars                                  James Okoth/Julita Achien'g

An EMI/AIT label primarily for the Migori Super Stars, a 1970s Luo band, led by Musa Olwete, who also released records on several other labels.

For a long time WEL 7-12 was the only record listed for this label. In March 2011, the bulk of the current listing was added using information from AIT’s master catalogue, which unhelpfully ascribes another catalogue number to Margaret Juma, the song that is on WEL 7-12. I’ve highlighted both until the discrepancy can be resolved.

SEM 002, which turned up on Ebay in March 2011, has an entirely different prefix to the rest of the catalogue and a different label colour too. I’ve been unable to find any other records with an SEM prefix feature in AIT’s master catalogue.