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Catalogue       Group                                                  A side/B side                                                       Year


WENDO 01   Wendo Brothers                         Jemima/Kuuma Riu Kinya Tene

WENDO 002 Gatundu Boys                            Loan/Wariahe

WENDO 003 Original Ruwengo Brothers          Mwari Wa Nyamwanga/Mundu Ni Akindirie

WENDO 04   New Gatanga Boys                     Uhoro Ni Wangai/Ncukua Icembe

WENDO 005 New Gatanga Boys                     Wanja Ni Wakwa/Thina Ni Guothe

WENDO 006 Kihingo Sounds                          Ndikwenda Ngeithi/Mwendwa N.K.

WENDO 007 Kawendo Brothers                      Stena/Maitu Njiira

WEE 01        Kalambya Sisters                       Kopulo Onesi/Wavinya


Although there are two very different catalogue prefixes, I am assuming both are connected to the same Audio Productions of Nairobi label.

WENDO 04, from Flemming Harrev’s collection is by the New Gatanga Boys who are either an offshoot or a a continuation of the Gatanga Boys, a Kikuyu band who also recorded for Mercury.

WEE 01 from Doug Paterson’s collection is by the sister group to the popular Kamba band, the Kalambya Brothers. The sisters also recorded for Ngatata and Utanu.

WENDO 01 turned up on the CD&LP sales site in February 2013. All other titles are taken from an Audio Productions catalogue found in October 2013 by Flemming Harrev while researching the archive of Stern’s in London.