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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                            Language


VRP 003               Orch Mos-Mos                           Zoze Pts 1 & 2

VRP 004               Orch Mos-Mos                           Souci Pts 1 & 2

VRP 005               Les Kombe Kombe                    Adios Edna Somi Pts 1 & 2


A sister label to VMS, another of Victoria Music Stores’ labels. It features productions by Okoth Kodondi of recordings by expat Congolese bands working in Kenya.

Orch Kombe Kombe were an offshoot of Mopero’s Orch Shama Shama led by Coco Zigo Mike. It may be that the VMS label was reserved for compositions by Coco Zigo Mike, with VRS used for songs written by other band members such as Tommy Lomboto who is credited as the writer of VRP 005.

Many thanks to Alan Wheeler for information about VRP 003. Orch Mos-Mos were led by Moises Fonta and featured Nana Akuma, Lovy Longomba and Jimmy Monimambo in its line-up. For mere details visit the Muzikifan site here.