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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


VIK 7-2                Victoria Kings Jazz                    J.O. Kowiti/Tom Ngala                                        1976

VIK 4                   Victoria Kings Jazz                    Rose Rabby No. 2/Piny Pek

VIK 5                   Victoria Kings Jazz                    M. Osimbo/D.O. Owino Jowi


An AIT label from the mid-1970s featuring the Victoria Kings, one of the most important Luo benga bands, produced here by PO Kanindo. The group’s history deserves further research, not leadt because it splintered into numerous, , often confusingly named, incarnations. For example, are Victoria “C” Kings and Les Victoria C the same band or two different ones?

Check the Bands Index for a list of the many labels that issued recordings by the band.

Thanks to Celine Bourdon-Ngo for supplying details and the scan of VIK 7-2 in March 2015. It unlocked the information about the other two discs, which feature in the AIT master catalogue.