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Catalogue                 Group                                                 A side/B side                                                                  Year


VB 8004              Les Hi-Fives                               Salongo/Mwana Kayukile MPR                          1972

VB 8019              The Nilotics                                Sigomere "62"/Ma Ekinde                                1973

BAO 001             Western (K) Luo Band                 Sero Jadongo Pts 1 & 2

VB 15                 The Lunna Kidi                            Masanga/Yanini Mabibi                                    1977

VB 030               Lunna Kidi                                  Kasuku Pts 1 & 2

An intriguing Phonogram distributed label: VB 8004 from 1972 is by a Lingala band and was sent in by Pieter of the Sea Never Dry blog, while VB 8019 tuned up on Ebay in April 2012. BAO 001, though, from a Dutch radio show compiled by another Pieter was released at a much later date - late 1979. And then there’s the Lunna Kidi single VB 15, which appeared in a London record store early in 2009 and is dated 1977.